Auto Chess has finally started Beta Testing in the Philippines

AutoChess, the MOBA spin-off, is coming with its upcoming game, titled AutoChess MOBA. The Testing period already started last August 11.


Beta Testing and is currently only available in the Philippines. For the time being, the game is only available in three languages: Filipino, English, and Chinese Simplified.


The developers have launched a small-scale regional beta test in order to achieve fruitful results in terms of the game's smooth experience.

AutoChess Moba is an innovative MOBA game with an asymmetrical map, which all heroes are FREE to obtain. Concerning the worldview of AutoChess Moba, the familiar chess pieces are converted into heroes, embarking on a new fighting journey. Upholding the view that fairness and justice count, AutoChess Moba dedicates loads to forging an easily adaptable arena, in which all of you can fulfill considerable potential. All heroes are free; win or loss depends on skills and strategies. Distinctive and entertaining ability combos, assorted item combinations, ray system alternation of day and night, destructible terrains, and many other features are all in AutoChess Moba.


To earn XPs and Gold, select your hero and defeat enemy heroes and minions. The game does not use a pay-to-win system, making sure a level playing field of evolving abilities and tactics. Using the map's mechanism will extend your team's top spot, with the final intention of eliminating the enemy's throne in order to win.


Aside from the gameplay, the interactive art design and asymmetrical map view provide players with a one-of-a-kind and exciting gaming experience with familiar characters. In addition, AutoChess MOBA includes a ray system that allows you to experience both day and night, as well as destructible terrains.


For players in the Philippines, you can now install the game at Google Play! For more information check out Auto Chess MOBA's official website.