AutoChess MOBA will have its soft launch on December 1st, Pre-registrations are still open!

The developers have announced that the unique 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, AutoChess MOBA, will have a soft launch on December 1st of this year on Android and iOS devices. After the two month regional beta test of the game, it garnered massive support from players because of its different and unique game mechanics.

autochess moba main.jpg

AutoChess MOBA offers a unique tactical and strategic gameplay experience to players who are fond of mobile MOBA games. With an asymmetrical map which makes the game more tactical, players will have more destructible trees, creeps, and several high grounds.

autochess moba map.jpg

All the heroes in AutoChess MOBA are free to be claimed by players. Add to that, they are all balanced in terms of their abilities. Also, the game was inspired by AutoChess, that’s why the developers have adapted the style and game feel of the chess characters into the game. An altering between Day and Night is also one of the features of the game.

autochess moba.jpg

To celebrate the upcoming soft launch, the developers released a community event that players can participate in, which they can check out here.

Add to that, the game’s pre-registration is still open so if you want to be part of the soft launch of the game then follow these steps:
  • Step1: Go to the game’s official website and enter the pre-register page from here.
  • Step 2: After entering the link, the players will have to open up a Dragon Nest account to successfully register for the soft launch.
  • Step 3: Players must use the created Dragon Nest account to log in to the game after its release to claim the rewards.
If done pre-registering, you can get AutoChess MOBA’s Season 1 battle pass for free. Note that the developers have yet to announce in which region the game will be available during the soft launch. Stay tuned for further announcements!