Avatar: Reckoning a Mobile MMO Shooter built with UE4 will release this year

Archosaur Games, Tencent, Lightstorm Entertainment and Disney announced the mobile multiplayer online role-playing shooter, Avatar: Reckoning.

avatar reckoning.jpg

Avatar: Reckoning is developed by Archosaur Games and will be published globally by Level Infinite once the game officially launches this 2022 for Android and iOS devices. The game will transport players to parts of Pandora that haven't been seen before where they will meet new clans of Na’vi who are fighting to defend their homes and encounter new alien creatures. Players will also battle the RDA troops that want to exploit resources of the moon. This can be played solo or in multiplayer matches.

Players can level up their Avatar and equip them with powerful weapons to send them through battles of single player story missions, co-op and PvP game modes that feature innovative combats developed for touchscreens.

avatar reckoning1.png

Avatar: Reckoning is built with Unreal Engine 4. Expect cutting-edge visuals made for mobile devices once the game officially releases this year. Avatar: Reckoning already has an official website established, you can check it out.