Awakening for the New Guardian Class Now Available in Black Desert SEA

Adventurers who have embarked on journeys with the Guardian class will now be able to help her discover new powers within herself in the new Guardian Awakening update in Black Desert SEA. Various in-game events are also available this week to celebrate this new update.

Starting today, Adventurers at level 56 or higher can awaken the Guardian by completing a series of quests provided by the Black Spirit. These quests will enable the Guardian to wield “Jordun”, a frighteningly powerful Awakening weapon capable of widespread devastation. When equipped, the Guardian will have access to a new set of awakening skills that can cause damage and destruction all across the world of Black Desert.

With the new update comes a whole host of other events, which is running until February 19. For starters, Adventurers who reach levels between 58 and 61 with the Guardian can gain a number of special rewards. Moreover, an Old Moon Scroll can also be claimed by giving leftover accessories to Syrmin, who appears near Crio in Velia. In addition, Ynix Seeds that grant special buffs will appear randomly when monsters are defeated. Adventurers can also claim Unstable Embers, which can be combined with Remnants of Ynix Seed to create a Fiery Flame, when they log-in to the game during the event period.

A number of special events will also be running until February 26 to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Adventurers can make bittersweet cacao chocolates with the ingredients they get by defeating monsters and gathering while getting exclusive items through finding a Message in a Bottle, which can be obtained by fishing. Moreover, a Sweet Gift Letter will be given to all those who play for 1 hour during the event period. This letter can be sent to another Adventurer, who can choose to reply by sending a Sweet Chest to someone they want. The Sweet Chest will contain one random item.

Seoul, South Korea February 5, 2020

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