Awakening Update Arrives in Black Desert Mobile

Discussion in 'MMO' started by Press Release, Jul 8, 2020.

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    Pearl Abyss announced today that the brand-new character system "Awakening" has arrived in Black Desert Mobile. Experienced Adventurers can now unlock a new set of skills and weapons to experience a whole new playstyle with their characters.


    All classes except the Striker can now be awakened, which will let Adventurers experience a completely new combat style on the battlefield. The new weapons and skills will give a new look to characters in addition to increasing their maximum HP and CP. Adventurers who wish to experience this new system must be level 60 or higher and complete a special quest from the Black Spirit.

    Accessory Awakening is also now live in Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers who awaken their accessories can also use the Awakened Enchantment system to further boost their AP and DP.

    Adventurers looking for extra support in becoming stronger can now access the Mega Growth Boost to quickly grow their characters. With this boost, they can gain more EXP and higher item drop rates for their lower-level characters.

    Seoul, South Korea—July 8, 2020

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    I nerf to but character awakening/Ascension coupon but i cant because i already bought one before for 50million
    Si when it will refresh on the shop

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