Axie Infinity Breeding Guide For Beginners

With the sudden popularity of Axie Infinity, a lot of people have shown interest in the play-to-earn game as it continues to succeed and attract more players.


Axie Infinity is a mobile pet-themed turn-based RPG game created by Sky Mavis in 2018 on the blockchain that allows players to earn income through buying, selling, trading, breeding, and battling cute digital pets known as "axies." These "axies" are non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, which have fully dominated the crypto world in the recent months. In the game, you'll need at least three Axies, which may be utilized in both PvE and PvP combat and bred up to seven times each to produce you more Axies.

For players who are new to Axie Infinity, this article will provide you with a quick and comprehensive guide on one of the most important aspects of the game, breeding axies.


Axies, like real-life pets, can be bred to produce new baby axies. These offspring can be used to fight, spawn new baby axies, or sell on the marketplace. However, to avoid over population and manage the number of axies, there are some rules and certain resource requirements in order to breed.
  • Each Axie can only be bred a maximum of 7 times.
  • Breeds cost 1 Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) as well as Smooth Love Potions. AXS is the governance token of the Axie Infinity platform, an Ethereum-based digital marketplace for the game Axie Infinity.
  • Breeds also cost a gas fee, which varies depending on how much the Ethereum network is used.
  • Siblings are not allowed to breed together, and parents are also not allowed to breed with their offspring.
Take note that Smooth Love potions or SLP can be obtained through playing the game in both the PvE Adventure and PvP Arena modes. You can sync them to your wallet through here once you've earned them.

Breed CountBreed NumberSLP Cost

The following table shows how much SLP it will cost players based on the breed count. The cost of breeding two Axies will be determined by the total number of breeds in both parents. Remember that Origin and MEO Axies do not require Love Potions to breed, although they are still limited to seven breeds each. The cheapest Virgin Axie, which has 0 breeds, in the market costs around .01 ETH as of January 8th, which is 5x the breeding cost. This implies there is a clear path to earning in Axie Infinity if you put in some time and effort.

Smooth Love Potions

Smooth Love Potions are also decentralized exchange tokens that may be traded on Uniswap. Players can either purchase or sell SLP on the Uniswap Decentralized Exchange Interface. This means that players can sell their smooth love potions right away if you don't want to use them to breed.



Since Axies are like real-world pets, they each have body parts, 6 to be exact, and a body shape as well. They possess three types of recessive genes for each body part: A dominant (D), recessive (R1), and minor recessive (R1) (R2). The dominant gene decides which bodily portion of the Axie is physically present.


When breeding, each gene has a chance to be passed down to offspring:

Dominant (D): 37.5% chance to pass this gene to offspring.
Recessive (R1): 9.375% chance to pass this gene to offspring.
Minor Recessive (R2): 3.125% chance to pass this gene to offspring.

Calculating Class

In combat, an Axie's class is important since each has their own strengths and weaknesses against other classes. The Axie with the class advantage will do an additional 15% damage. On the other hand, the Axie with class disadvantage will deal 15% less damage. There are a total of 9 classes in Axie Infinity that have been released. Three of these are unique classes with their own set of Body Parts or Class Cards:
  • Aquatic
  • Beast
  • Bird
  • Bug
  • Dawn
  • Dusk
  • Mech
  • Plant
  • Reptile

For class, there are no recessive genes. When an offspring is born, they have a 50% chance of inheriting each of their parents' classes. For example , a Beast/Aquatic couple has a 50% chance of generating a Beast and a 50% chance of creating an Aquatic. If both parents are in the same class, the offspring will be in the same class as well.

How to breed Axies effectively

When breeding, many gamers try to build powerful Axies for fight, which is the obvious thing to do. This entails selecting strong Defenders, Attackers, and Support Axies. If you want to breed a powerful defender, for example, you must check your collection of Axies to see which ones have a good probability of generating an Axie that can take a great deal of damage when bred together. You could try to look for Axies with high HP and cards that have good defense or self-healing, as this will help them absorb more damage.

The following are the steps in order to breed Axies:

1. Simply navigate to the page for one of your Axies in your inventory and click on it.


2. Then, click on 'Breed'.


3. Finally, select another Axie to pair it with.

Take note that Axies take 5 days to reach maturity. After 5 days, you can morph your Axie to adult. There are also some players, however, who breed for fun and just try to create the most interesting combination possible in breeding offspring. Each to their own.

Mystic and Holiday Parts

Even through breeding, there are some body parts that cannot be passed down. These are Mystic parts and body parts from the special Holiday breeding events as of January 2020.

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