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Nov 4, 2018
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Minimum of 262Slp daily Guide (3phases) For Starters/Newbie with only 20energy daily

Phase 1 Day1-Day15

Focus on gaining exp thru adventure . When out of energy do the pvp/arena to complete daily quest. When out of energy try higher ruins to look for your axie's comfort farming exp zone.
  • 150Slp/Day
  • 15days = 2250Slp

Phase 2 Day16-Day30 Split your energy
  • 10 for Adventure
  • 10 for Arena (atleast 50% is good for this phase)
When out of energy , make sure to drop your mmr between 1100-1150 . Why? This phase is where you should learn all about your combos and timing . Winning more than 50% is a bonus .

Finish your daily quest
  • Get the slp cap
  • 185Slp/Day
  • 15Days = 2775Slp
Phase 3
All 20 energy to Arena/PVP

If you followed the 1st and 2nd Phase ,not only your axie's are close to max level but also you skills and card combos are good enough to get 80% wr .

Question: How can you get 80% Winrate easily?
Daily you must use your Energy when it reaches 10.

With the skills and knowledge that you have with your axies you should get alteast 8 wins out of 10 If and only if you will start at between 1100-1150 mmr


When out of energy drop your MMR between 1100-1150. Finish your daily quest
  • Get the slp cap
  • 262Slp/Day
  • 30Days = 7860Slp

  • This is only a reference and does not intend to harm anyone.
  • This will only apply to those people who wants to maximize their Slp gain daily.
  • Yes , having high MMR gives more SLP but it doesn't guarantee a higher Winrate.

Note: This reference is proven by myself and will be used by my future scholars . Thank you and Godbless Everyone credits to AXIE Infinity PINOY Taiwan

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