Axie Infinity: Origin (Battles V3) will be launching soon with three Axies to be given for free

The highly-anticipated update of the popular NFT game Axie Infinity, Axie Infinity: Origin (Battles V3), will be released sometime later this March. Though the exact release date of the update is yet to be revealed, the developers have been posting a lot of teasers of the Axie Infinity: Origin (Battles V3) so that players will know what they can expect in this upcoming update. Developer Sky Mavis has also stated that the update will be released in phases and will gradually expand in the future.

axie infinity origin1.png

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As announced by Sky Mavis, they will be releasing the next phase of their popular NFT game Axie Infinity. This was announced after the massive balance changes for both the economic and gameplay aspects of the game. The Origin (Battles V3) is a new battle system that will feature fast-paced combat and through this, players can play freely as it will give players three free starter Axies namely Olek, Buba, and Puffy. Along with these free Axies, the brand new interfaces, game mechanics, art, special effects, storylines, and an expansive onboarding experience will be released as well.

axie infinity origin.jpg

The Origin (Battles V3) update will be soft launched at the end of this month and as the update will be done in phases, it will be released on PC first so that the developers can gather feedback, test the scalability of the servers, and let the players get used to the new mechanics. Then after a month, the update will be ready for Android users. However, for iOS users, they’ll have to wait for a bit longer so that overloading the servers can be avoided.

axie infinity origin2.jpg

Add to that, the upcoming update that will be soft launched will arrive in the game with limited features such as PvE story mode, Runes, Charms, training mode, and a ranked mode. The game mechanics will also be simplified, with Critical Hits now based on a rage meter instead of being random.

Sky Mavis also added that the starter Axies are not considered NFTs and they cannot earn the in-game currency of the game, Smooth Love Potion (SLP). However, there is still a possibility that these Axies may acquire SLPs in the future. To unlock more starter Axies, players must progress through the PvE Adventure Mode.

axie infinity origin4.jpg

More updates will be released later on for the Axie Infinity Origin (Battles V3), which will include more cosmetics, NFT runes, and charms that will require SLPs and Mooshards to craft. This will serve as the “SLP burning” feature in the game.