Axie Infinity: Origin Update Beta Testing for iOS Users

The Axie Infinity: Origin update is now available for iOS users. However, because places are limited, only a few players will be able to participate in the testing phase. Players that participated in the Origin upgrade or own Mystic Axies will be able to participate in the Origin testing for iOS devices. The TestFlight app is required to play the game. This is only one of the key changes that Sky Mavis has made in order to make the new version as accessible to as many players as possible. Both Android and iOS users can now get the Axie Origin update.


The popular NFT game has received its next big update, which is now accessible for iOS devices.

For the time being, however, only a small number of players will be able to participate. Sky Mavis intends to add more features to the game and make it more available for more devices and users as the testing phase progresses.


Players with an Origin account or a Mystic Axie in the traditional edition of the game will be able to access the iOS port, according to Sky Mavis, the game's producers.

Testers must download the TestFlight app and request special access through the official Discord channel, similar to Axie Infinity Classic.

Sky Mavis has written a full beginners guide to commemorate the release of the Axie Origin update's mobile port. This tutorial should assist new players in getting started and understanding the game's many elements.

Players who do not meet the requirements to be an Axie Origin iOS beta tester will have to wait for more information from Sky Mavis. The creators hope to include SLP prizes, NFT Runes/ Charms, and official competitive ranked seasons in the Origin update in the near future as the testing process progresses.