AYANEO is announcing its Remake device series featuring modern handheld with retro classic aesthetics

When it comes to Windows handheld systems, AYANEO is a pioneer, using hardware from AMD and Intel. However, the corporation is facing challenges following the recent release of Steam Deck, and later ROG Ally and Legion Go systems. China's manufacturers of handheld devices are searching for different ways to market their goods, and AYANEO suggests taking a look back in time.


The company's CEO, Arthur Zhang, has developed a new device series dubbed Remake. Though the appearance and looks of these products are reminiscent of the early days of the gaming console business, they are intended to provide the latest technology. Starting with handheld and Mini-PC devices, the concept will feature limited editions that pay homage to the early 80s and 90s gaming era.

According to the company, their systems are a memorial to the retro era and a way for players to enjoy earlier games with the strength of modern technologies, rather than a simple replica or copycat of the vintage products.


AYANEO is developing a number of gadgets, some of which have already leaked. The initial device is named AYANEO Flip, and it was inspired by the Nintendo 3DS. It is a contemporary take on the clamshell gadget, with a full keyboard in place of a secondary screen. AYANEO is making it apparent that this system, which goes by the name Flip KB but also has a variant dubbed Flip DS with a secondary screen, is the rightful spiritual successor to the Nintendo system but with a contemporary twist and technological advancements.


The Flip KB/DS systems have no set date of formal debut. But within a month or two, these systems will be formally unveiled, and shipping will follow shortly after.


With their first systems as part of the Remake series, AYANEO was bound to enter the Mini-PC market. The company releases two products: the Retro Mini PC AM01, which is modeled after the Macintosh 1, and the AM02, which is modeled after the Nintendo NES. Both versions have brand-new hardware and a reduced physical size, all while being made to resemble earlier systems.



The front "screen" of the AM01 system is simply a piece of plastic that may be customized with stickers rather than a genuine screen. The AM02 version, on the other hand, includes a screen and may show the time as well as other information that is currently secret. Both systems will be available as fully specified versions with Windows installed, or as stripped-down versions that users can customize. The complete specifications for the AM01 and AM02 are not currently available from the manufacturer, but they will be formally revealed later this month.



Gameboy-inspired Pocket DMG​

Since this product is still in the development stage, there aren't any finished photographs available. The company is now working on a device that has retro-style keypads with a screen mounted on top, similar to the Nintendo GameBoy. Based on what we can see in the images, it also includes analog volume control.


You can see today's presentation on the AYANEO channel. The company has also revealed GaN power supplies and power banks as add-ons for these systems.