Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary is Coming Up: Here's What's In store for us!

Guild of Guardians
The ship girl style of design for anime has been up for a while now, starting with Kantai Collection that sprouted everyone's interest in that style. Though Kancolle was a game, it started brewing up interest for anime fans, however when Kancolle started to be region-locked only in Japan, people started to look for an alternative. Come, Azur Lane with a different style of gameplay but offers the ship girls that everyone loves, now coming into 2 years of release in their global version, they are still going strong with the revenue and popularity in the gacha gaming community. With the 2nd Anniversary looming closer, let's see what they have to offer for us, fellow Commanders.

2-Part Anniversary

From the live stream that was announced yesterday, it was said that it would be a two-part anniversary featuring various things that Commanders can do in the anniversary, from additional content, rerun skins and items, and basically more things for the veterans and the beginners alike in the game. It's best too start now that never so those who are curious jump in while the anniversary is coming in soon!

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary a.jpg

Part 1

For the first part here's what they have announced. These have variety of concern for both vets and newbies so make sure to read it all if you are curious what to be excited about

New Skins
Well first of all, here's something that everyone will like, new skins! Azur Lane's main feature after all is that it is very free-to-play but there's one thing that you will pay, all of us eventually has to. It's cosmetics! The skins in the game are so thought-out and know how to hit the target market right. After all, we love them beautiful and sexy so they deliver it fantastic results.

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary b.jpg

Well, here are the skins that will be showing up in this year's anniversary. Above you can see Independence's new skin, The Independent Line, right now it is available at the gem store, so if you like it, then you can buy it. But we have another option for those who are planning to save money but want a skin, below you will see Indianapolis' new skin, The Light of Circle City, this one's free, all you need to do is to complete a set of tasks or milestones, usually it's on the event tab, so go check it out.

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary c.jpg

Feeling summery? Well, it is the summer period for gacha games, you might have seen other games conduct their summer events now? Well, Azur Lane is not gonna be stopped either by releasing their swimsuit attires for our favorite shipgirls, after all, they are always in sea, so why not have their swimsuits too! PR Season 3 Ships shine in this one. We can see two who got lucky in their skins, first is Cheshire's "Summery Date" and then Drake's "The Golden Hind's Respite". Both looking hot and amazing, perfect for a summer skin!

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary d.jpg

One of the features of Azur Lane is that you can "oath" ships that will have a boost in their fighting spirit but most importantly, it signifies your bond and essentially act as marriage in the game. It's a selling point of the game as it is known as a waifu collector game after all. Well, in the community, there has been a meme that Z23 or mostly known as Nimi will never get an oath skin as her fellow starter ships in the game have gotten theirs, months and even years ago, but memes can be dreams! Presenting, Nimi's "Schwarz Nochzeit"

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary e.jpg

Following along the wish granted, one of the community's beloved ships, Amagi, is gonna her very own skin in the game! A lot of the players have been waiting for it and they have received it, the long wait is over for Amagi's "Wending Waters, Serene Lotus" skin! And may I add that this skin is so much worth the wait for how amazing she looks there, definitely a buy for me!

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary f.jpg

New Dorm Furniture

While the skin announcement is now over though, we have more things to tackle about, pamper your favorite shipgirls and raise their morale in the dormitory, they rest up and gain levels here so it's definitely worth it. While we're on that topic, the developers have released a new dorm furniture that might leave you interested for more, the Manjuuversal Studio is currently up right now and you can buy it so that your shipgirls can feel like they're on a movie site.

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary g.jpg

Warspite Retrofit Item and Rerun of Kinokinuya Z23 Skin

The meta in the game can somewhat be crazy and people sometimes ignore it because at the end of the day, it's the waifus that matters but if you want to have a stronger staple unit in the fleet, make sure that you play in the event as Warspite's retrofit item is returning and successfully retrofitting her will give you a massive boon in your fleet.

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary h.jpg

Alongside that, you can get the Kinokinuya skin for Nimi that has been released back then, some people are not aware of this or have not played when this was released, now they have another shot to get it, and honestly, it's great even if it is a collab skin.

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary i.jpg

World 11 Hard Mode

While most people search for their waifus, some still want their challenges, well World 11 Hard Mode will be up, and expect a challenge there, ofcourse together with more core data to gain in that place since hard mode drops them and as you progress the more you get in that node.

Portland Secretary Quest

Portland's siscon to Indianapolis can either be cringey or cute for people, well, why not learn the story as to why she is super attached to her in the upcoming secretary quest? Yep, they will be releasing Portland's secretary quest, to trigger the quest just set Portland as a secretary and tap her.

Double Gem Reset

Buying premium currency can be a drag sometimes since the problem of saving our finances to avoid having less to spend in real life is a dilemma for the majority of us, but Yostar and Manjuu are willing to lend us a hand via the "Double Gem" system, if you bought a pack, they will double it for you for one time. This system has been going on since the launch and now even if you have purchased gems last year, this reset will make you eligible for another reset, how cool is that? Now you can buy more things in the game!

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary j.png

Return of the Wishing Well

Some things are beautiful because they are not easily obtained, well, you can get them faster with the "Wishing Well" system in Azur Lane, just select them when you build them and now they have a higher chance of dropping. This system will also return so keep your cubes secured if you want to get something that you want.

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary k.jpg

New Laffey Themed-Profile Portrait

Communication can be fun in the game, chatting with your fellow servermates, guildmates can be an experience. But if you want to raise that experience, equip some portraits and designs to make it look more stylish. Log-in when the anniversary event starts and get "Laffey's Gift" a profile portrait that will attach to your avatar in the chat room. If you missed out in the other things, then be sure to grab it.

Part 2

While Part 2 is more of announcement of future events, we can still await these because the newcomers have missed some of these events and might want to get some of them.

Scherzo of Iron and Blood Rerun

Pride of a nation, a beast made of steel... The "King" of the Oceans is returning once more for you to grab them for yourself, yes, we are talking about KMS Bismarck, the pride of the Kriegsmarine back in World War 2. This notable ship is famous for sinking HMS Hood and the historical memory and the sheer badassery of her design is fit for those who want to wield her power to strengthen their fleets. She's returning so make sure to get ready your cubes as the event will rerun soon.

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary l.jpg

Alongside the mighty Bismarck, are two new ships in the game, Destroyer Z26 and Submarine U96, these cute ships are preparing to arrive in your docks (if you are lucky that is) in the rerun, so if you want them, stock up cubes!

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary m.jpg

Stars of Shimmering Fjord

There's also news regarding an upcoming event that is called "Stars of Shimmering Fjord" which might refer to "Starry Sky over the Arctic Fjord" , which includes new ships such as Hardy, Z2 and Hunter, this event is similar to Admiral Graf Spee's and Ryuujou's event, Farm 60 times to get Hardy while get points to obtain Hunter and finally, roll the gacha for Z2 (Hardy is also included in the pool as well). Long grind, but if you love the look of these ship girls, go and farm for them!

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary n.png

Other Things to Expect

While these may not come straight in the anniversary, there are things that we are expecting that will be arriving soon, these have interesting news, so let's check them one by one.


In the past events, we have seen characters who have looked like tainted with the power of the Sirens but might not be aligned with them, those ships are called as Ashes, we have seen Enterprise's , Takao's and Ark Royal's version of Ashes in some of the events. Well, news is that we will have the chance to get them in the future, not currently but it just have been announced in the live stream, so if you feel like you got to know what they are like, make sure to get them!

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary o.jpg

Guild Revamp

Ever felt like joining a guild is a pointless endeavor? In the future, it might not be. They are revamping the guild system to have a new feature, including open world quests, new ways to fight bosses, and more. It is unclear what is more to be added but it's best to team up now and see for yourself in the future.

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary p.jpg

Dead or Alive Collaboration

Been seeking for a new collaboration in the game? Well, we are getting one soon! Nope it's not a rerun of Neptunia and nope, not a part two of Hololive, but a new collaboration with Dead or Alive, Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation will be collaborating with Azur Lane in the future. We still wonder how this collaboration would work, but it would be perfect for the two especially with their art. We will have to follow-up about this news once official data has been given to us.

Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary q.jpg


And that just wraps up the announcements that have been said in the livestream. It's a lot but we can expect Yostar and Manjuu to release more items in the future, usually for free! Expect a free oath ring, they always have that, but yeah, for the official announcements, here they are. What is the most thing you are excited for the anniversary? Tell us in the comments below!