Back 4 Blood Open Beta And Early Access Is Coming This August, Pre-Order And Register Now

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios announces open beta and early access dates for Back 4 Blood in the US, and reveals several contents players can expect to see in the upcoming open beta.


Back 4 Blood is an exhilarating cooperative first-person shooter developed by the same team that brought you the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead series. You find yourself in the midst of a conflict with the Ridden. They have transformed from being once-human hosts of a deadly parasite into terrifying creatures intent on devouring what is left of civilized society. Given that humanity's extinction is on the line, it is up to you and your friends to take the fight to the enemy, exterminate the Ridden, and retake control of the world.

The game's upcoming early access beta will officially begin on August 5 noon PST and run until August 9 noon PST, with access only available to those who have preordered the game. Player's who register their interest on the Back 4 Blood official website will be entered into a draw to receive one of a limited number of additional beta access codes throughout the period. This will be followed by an open beta which will take place from August 12 noon PST until August 16 noon PST, making the game available to all players. Both betas will be playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.


Back 4 Blood will be featuring the following contents in the open beta as confirmed by Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios:
  • Two maps are available for the Swarm PvP mode.
  • Two co-op maps to help you and your friends take down Ridden.
  • For the first time, you can take on the role of Mom, as well as the other Cleaners: Evangelo, Holly, Walker, and Hoffman
  • In Swarm, you can take on the roles of six different Ridden variants: Bruiser, Retch, Hocker, Exploder, Crusher, and Stinger.
  • A variety of weapons to check out, cards to collect, and Ridden to slay.
  • Investigate the Fort Hope community center.
  • Support for cross-play and cross-gen gaming


In the game's new "Swarm" mode, each team will be either "a set of cleaners" or "a set of ridden," and they will compete against each other in three rounds of head to head combat. Players will "team up with three of your friends and go into PvP, or Swarm mode as we call it," as described by Lead Producer at Turtle Rock Studios, Matt O' Driscoll. "It's really who can survive longest as the cleaner over three rounds becomes the winner," he added.

"The reason we call it Swarm mode is because after each round, there's like a ring of deadly infected insects that are around the map. Each round insects come in closer and closer and closer to the map which gets a lot tighter and a lot more intense as the rounds go on," said O' Driscoll. Players should be able to get a good sense of what the new Swarm mode is all about during the Back 4 Blood open beta, as there will be two different Swarm maps available.


Since the game's announcement earlier this year, developer Turtle Rock has been releasing information on its cast, modes, and generous system for handling DLC purchases for its spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. During the E3 2021 conference, the studio confirmed that DLC, such as maps and gameplay enhancements, will be available to all party members as long as the group leader owns the DLC package. There will also be a number of supported features for the co-op first-person shooter, including 4K resolution, an uncapped framerate, and other enhancements, available to PC players.

The open beta will be playable on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One Consoles, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.