Balangay Live debuts new Vtuber sub-unit – Gen 01: Marahuyo

Vtubers have garnered acclaim in 2023, making a mark on the online entertainment industry. Several Filipinos have also made their presence known in the international market, as both giant vtubing companies Nijisanji and Hololive have Filipino talents in their roster. Indie vtuber collective Balangay Live, which aims to promote Filipino folklore and culture, will be debuting a trio of Philippine myth-based Vtubers on February 17, 2024.

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  • Haliya, the mistress of midnight, a gentle but fearsome manananggal from the talahiban, will be debuting on February 17, 7:00 pm.
  • Alab, the melodic muse, an elusive and crafty songbird who refuses to be caged, will be debuting on February 17, 8:00 pm.
  • Majii, the maiden of misdirection, a beautiful diwata who’s just as lost as you are, will be debuting on February 17, 9:00 pm.
The local vtubing scene is no slouch, with talented artists and content creators creating anime-style avatars to express themselves online. Balangay Live, a collective of individual talents, stands out in using creatures from Filipino mythology to showcase not just their gaming talents but also their love for our culture.

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Balangay Live will be holding a one-day long debut to highlight their Generation 1: Marahuyo sub-unit. Marahuyo is composed of three vtubers– the immaculate manananggal Haliya, the vibrant ibong adarna Alab, and the bewitching diwata Majii.

All three will debut on February 17, 2024 (Saturday), on their respective Twitch channels. Haliya will debut at 7:00 pm, followed by Alab at 8:00 pm and Majii at 9:00 pm.

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Haliya the Manananggal

Just on the outskirts of the village, where the grass grows tall, lives a beautiful woman who dedicates her days to helping the people. But at night she turns into a self-segmenting, bat-winged creature that eats babies and maybe, just maybe, their daddies. Called “ninang” by her followers, Haliya enjoys RPGs, puzzle games, and visual novels. She likes showcasing independent games made by small creators. With her soothing voice, she hosts chill just chatting and storytelling streams. Her favorite Genshin Impact character is Zhongli

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Alab Adarna

In the manananggal’s garden lives a beautiful songbird that’s sought after by millions– most likely due to her healing properties and not because she can turn people to stone. Alab is crafty, figuratively and literally, as she is just as skilled in escaping her would-be captors as she is in crochet and other fiber crafts. Expect craft-with-me handcam streams and cozy gaming from this creator with the iconic tittering laugh. But don’t let the rainbow-colored hair fool you, this retired League of Legends player has Pentakill in her personal playlist.

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Majii Makiling

The human village is protected by the mountains, and in those mountains lives a gorgeous diwata whose story is just starting. The protege of Maria Makiling herself, Majii is just getting used to controlling her glamour. Yes, her abilities lead humans who wander into her territory astray, but she is just as lost as they are. An artist who specializes in calendar girl poses and bounciness, she likes playing collaborative horror and FPS games. Sweet as she may seem, don’t you dare trash talk her or her friends lest you face the wrath of her kind. Her Valorant main is Brimstone.

As a group of independent vtubers with a shared love for Filipino culture, the members of Balangay Live control their own content and image. They debuted their Gen 0: Liwayway in 2022, composed of Bibi Bakunawa and Mino Minokawa. Future generations will debut colorful characters such as a man-eating mermaid, a professional hoarder goddess, and a potato with attitude.

Come and join Balangay Live in creating a truly Filipino vtubing experience.


Halina’t marahuyo at mabihag sa mundong mahiwaga at marilag.

About Balangay Live

Balangay Live is an independent group of Filipino Vtubers who aim to promote Filipino folk culture, history, flora and fauna through activities such as livestreaming and short videos. Each member has based their Vtuber persona around Philippine folklore.

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