Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Now Available For Modern Platforms and Will Also Be Available For PC and Mobile Later This Year

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance will now be made available for PC and mobile at a later date this year.

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Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance was originally launched for PS2 in December of 2001, Xbox in October of 2002, Gamecube in November of 2002, and Game Boy Advance in February of 2004. Now, it was already re-release for modern platforms. On May 7, it was released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. You could purchase this for your console at $29.99.

The next-gen consoles seem to be supported through backward compatibility as there are no announced enhancements aside from 4K scaling.


This revival of the original Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance puts the ‘action’ back into the action-RPG genre, plunging players into the heart of Faerun. As well as looting and leveling, players must actively defend against and dodge attacks, evade deadly traps and fight hordes of monsters ranging from swarming kobolds to the iconic and all-consuming Gelatinous Cube.

Featuring three customizable heroes, this epic adventure spans dozens of locations across three massive acts, through the dungeons beneath the city of Baldur’s Gate, to the peak of Burning Eye mountain, deep into the Underdark and beyond.

With a PC and mobile launch planned, now’s your time to grab a friend or brave a dungeon alone and explore the western coast of the Forgotten Realms.

Far-flung Future Features
  • A re-release of the beloved console classic, now with 4K scaling on the Xbox or PlayStation 4 Pro.
  • Three race and class combinations. Play as a dwarven fighter (Kromlech), a human archer (Vahn) or an elven sorceress (Adrianna).
  • 11 vividly rendered spells, including Magic Missile, Otuluk’s Icy Sphere, and Mordenkainen’s Sword.
  • More than 40 different types of monsters and boss villains.
  • Over 25 active and passive skills to buff your adventurer’s ability to deal and take damage.
  • Varied environments, from the sewers beneath the city of Baldur’s Gate, to the Sunset Mountains, to the Marshes of Chelimber.
  • Four difficulty levels to challenge even the hardiest adventurer; “Easy,” “Normal,” “Hard,” and “Extreme.”
  • Fully voice-acted by an all-star cast.
  • Local cooperative support!

To have a classic hack and slash game like Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance available on modern platforms is exciting especially that a new Dark Alliance game is in the works. Regardless, it's nice that its predecessor is now available today.
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