Balmond Is Not FIGHTER! The SECRET You MUST Reveal!! iOS Android 

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Jan 14, 2017
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Balmond Is Not FIGHTER! The SECRET You MUST Reveal!!

Why Mobile Legends categorize Balmond as the fighter? You should know by watching this video the TRUE power of this hero. He is just not a Fighter!

Yes, if you ever played Balmond with the fighter build, then your Balmond kind of a suck for a team! Don't ever build Balmond as the Fighter, so how to build Balmond?

Balmond's skills are designed for standing in front of the battle. If you have not enough HP, then your Balmond can be killed just in second. You can't deliver your damage too. You are useless if you focus to build Balmond in damage or hybrid (damage + durable).

Just watch this video and you will realize how powerful this hero with the proper BUILD!

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