Baloyskie signs with MPL Indonesian Team, Geek Fam ID

Following his former ONIC PH teammates, one of the most renowned shot callers and captains in the Philippine MLBB scene, Allen Jedric "Baloyskie" Baloy makes his way to MPL Indonesia and joins Geek Fam ID.


The Indonesian MLBB esports organization announced Baloyskie’s signing in the team through a social media post:

"Will Baloyskie and the rest of the Geek Fam surprise you on the MPL stage?" wrote the league, highlighting his stats from his time in the MPL-PH: a 58 percent win ratio, 1,547 assists, and a 2.5 KDA average.


As the Geeks finished last in the overall standings with a 0-14 record in Season 9, Baloyskie’s veteran presence and his experience in the Philippine MLBB esports scene might just be the answer to get them out of their slump.

Considered to be one of the most notable shot callers in SEA, with a runner-up finish in the M3 World Championship, his expertise with using a unique set of support heroes makes him an unpredictable opponent in the Land of Dawn.

His Natalia pick is one of his staples and is proven to be a massive thorn when in opposition. His mid laners can also transition into core heroes at the latter stages of the game like Natan and Popol & Kupa. Baloyskie can also play the roamer position.