Ban appeal for DEBIR#1127

Discussion in 'Support' started by cal1, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. cal1

    cal1 Newbie Gamer

    The reason I got banned is that I exceeded the maximum number of time I should only leave the server. I am now aware of my mistake and will surely be careful not to leave the server again.

    Please reconsider my appeal. I really want to join PinoyGamer Discord Server. I've got good friends there. I hope you consider this appeal.
  2. Faraday (Broji)

    Faraday (Broji) Moderator

    This appeal is approved. Don't waste this opportunity. If you have any accounts/smurfs in the server, please take it out.
    Be aware of your actions, we hope that you won't commit the same mistake twice.

    You will receive an invite after this message.

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