Ban Appeal in Valorant PH

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Sep 13, 2023
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Dawn Glodove
good day, my name is Dawn and i'm a proud member of valorant ph. unfortunately, I think that I am banned from the Valorant PH group. i do not know why, but i'm certain that i never posted any accounts for sale, and not even asking anyone if they are selling an account.

All I did was to make a post about inviting gamer girls to a specific discord server, and at the next few hours, the post was deleted, and then i can't view the Valorant PH group. if promoting is not valid, then I am sorry. I learned from my mistakes and I will never do it again; I thought it was allowed.

i let my friends check if my account was still there and yes it's still there, so i'm wondering why can't I view it, that's why i'm asking if it's a permanent ban? or temporary.

here's my facebook account

please let me know. thanks.
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