Bandai Namco's My Hero Ultra Impact is now up for pre-registrations

Bandai Namco, the well-known Japanese video game studio best known for mobile games such as Dragon Ball Legends and Tales of Crestoria, has opened pre-registration for their upcoming game My Hero Ultra Impact.

Ultra Impact.jpeg

My Hero Ultra Impact 3v3 Feature​

My Hero Ultra Impact is an RPG (role-playing game) in which players form groups of three and fight against another group of three players using unique characters from their in-game inventory. All of the characters that can be selected have unique abilities known as Quirks. The game is a gacha RPG, which means that not all of the characters are available at the start. Along the way, the player must progress and unlock new characters.


The game is based on the popular anime series My Hero Academia. It has already been downloaded 3 million times in Japan. This time, it is being released in English in order to reach a wider audience around the world. The developers have confirmed that the game will be freemium. My Hero Ultra Impact's story mode follows Izuku Midoriya's adventures as he attempts to overcome obstacles and complete his quest. Fans of the anime will be delighted because many homages to classic anime scenes have been included in the game.

Pre-registration Milestone Reward​

For every 30,000 people who pre-register for the game, they will receive x50 Nero Gems (enough for one Recruit). This allows players to obtain up to x500 Hero Gems.

When is the official release?​

Pre-registration for the game is available in most popular mobile game libraries, including the App Store and Google Play Store. We can expect an official release date in the coming days once pre-registration is completed.