Bandai Namco’s new project Synduality showcases mech fights and dystopian setting

At Sony's State of Play September conference, a trailer for Bandai Namco's upcoming game Synduality made its premiere. In 2023, the third-person sci-fi shooting video game will be made available.


In the game, you travel across a dystopian environment in the year 2222 with an AI mech named Magus. The human race was almost completely wiped off by the terrible rainstorm known as Tears of the New Moon; those who survived retreated to the cavernous metropolis of Amasia. The player character known as a "Drifter" must trade in AO Crystals, which can only be obtained from the contaminated outside world, in order to exist. Your mode of transportation will be a customizable car called the Cradle Coffin.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, said Arthur C. Clarke in the trailer, which follows with scenes of the protagonist, a young woman with a silver bob, and the large mech Magus exploring mountain sides to gather AO crystals while battling vicious mechs and large, dog-like enemies known as "Enders." A guy is startled awake by a pixelated glimpse of the protagonist at the enigmatic conclusion of the trailer.


The game will also have a distinctive PvP mode whereby playing online will encourage interactions with other players while they are on their own objectives. You could come into contact with another player while attempting to harvest valuable resources.

“With the emergence of technology these days, and how artificial intelligence [is] slowly becoming more prominent in our daily lives, we were particularly interested in how humans and AI would interact with each other in the future,” said Yosuke Futami, producer at Bandai Namco in a PlayStation Blog. “Will they coexist? Do they have the same belief on feelings, or sense of emotion? Can they intertwine?”