Bane - Road to Mythic

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Jul 18, 2019
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Ongoing - Road from Epic to Mythic [SOLO]

Fighter Build that takes advantage of Bane's Passive - SHARK BITE for High Damage
1. Warrior Boots or Tough Boots - depending on the number of Physical or Magical damaging enemies. For early game survival.
2. Endless Battle - for it's multiple benefits (HP, CD Reduction, ATK, MS, Lifesteal etc)
3. Blade of Despair - our first real damage item!
4. Berseker's Fury - more damage, 25% critical chance. This is also like having a secondary Shark Bite
Shark Bite + Critical Damage = One Punch Man!
5. Scarlet Phantom - for additional critical and attack speed more chances for the One Punch Man damage!
6. free slot - depending on how the end game is, we can more either :
a. defense e.g. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
b.offense - another Blade of Despair?
c. movement speed items here in case we need to steal turrets like Windtalker or Corrosion Scythe

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