Banoobs Deletes 400k Worth ROM Account, Cignal Ultra Wins MPL-PH, RoS Kachawan, PUBG Lite and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Banoobs deleting his Ragnarok M Eternal Love Account in Support of Perma Ban, Rules of Survival Kachawan offends religious beliefs, Cignal Ultra wins the MPL-PH Season 2, Nerf Irelia, PUBG Lite, The Division 2 private beta schedule, Dragon Ball Game Project Z, and Black Ops Blackout Free Trial

Ragnarok M Addon Cheaters

  • One of the most prominent gaming personality in the Philippines “Banoobs” has made a statement about Ragnarok M Cheaters
  • To the point that he deleted his account worth 400,000 pesos while live streaming as a support for the perma ban movement
  • an issue majority of the Ragnarok M players are asking regarding the hacking issue with the use of third party softwares
  • So what does this 3rd party program and addons do?
  • Apparently this softwares can give the player teleportation ability, MVP tracking and locking
  • they can even open up certain shops that are not available in the game
  • as for the punishments well players who were caught are suspended for only a few days
  • this is actually true as another instance of a player who used an illegal weapon transmog only had their accounts suspended for 7 days
  • talk about light punishments, so basically if you cheat, you will only be suspended for a few days however if you buy from 3rd party vendors you get banned
  • this just shows the priority of the devs if their profit is being affected they will take action but not when players are cheating
  • parang RoS lang ah!
  • During Banoobs live stream he also mentioned other cheaters not to be hypocrites and do the same thing
  • So why did this happen?
  • Well according to Banoobs it all started as a curiosity as he tried addons that gives unfair advantage on Ragnarok M Eternal Love
  • which according to him he abruptly stopped using afterwards and claims that he did not abuse it
  • Here is his statement “Yes, I admitted that I tried addons by curiosity before, but it doesn't mean that I cheated my way on top. thanks for the ones who understands and sorry for the disappointments. I am ready to be suspended for my actions.”
  • Banoobs also realized that hes account wasnt even banned here is his statement
  • “My character is still not banned, therefore I am deleting it to support #permaban for cheaters. saying goodbye to my 400k PHP spent Sniper. IGN: banoobs”
  • To those who don't know the deletion of an account usually takes 2 days to complete
  • grabe sayang 400k
  • As for Ragnarok M’s official response? well here is what they said.
  • “For those players whom we have detected using 3rd-party programs, we will suspend their account for 3 to 15 days as punishment.
  • they also added “For some abuser that cause a serious issue, we will ban their account permanently.”
  • They also advised users to please delete the programs and reinstall the game client from official sources
  • So what do you think is it fair for only a few days of suspension or should the Ragnarok M devs use permanent ban

Rules of Survival Kachawan
  • If you remember recently Rules of Survival release the Lapu Lapu and Kachawan themed packs
  • According to ROS both this themes are designed to promote the southeast asian culture
  • However in the recent update the Kachawan skins have been taken down
  • this is due to some players getting offended on their religious beliefs
  • Here is the statement from ros “we have realized that the Kachawan skin might have offended the religious beliefs of some players”
  • they also added
  • “we decided to permanently take down the Kachawan skin in the next update (Jan 16th) in order to show our respect to all religions and beliefs”
  • - So what now to the players who purchased the skins? will you get a refund?
  • - Well don't worry as players who purchased them can still keep them in their inventory and wont be removed

Cignal Ultra

  • In a recent turn of events Cignal Ultra wins the MPL-PH Season 2 throne defeating Bren Esports a champion of the Weeknight Shodown
  • The MPL PH Season 2 was held at Ayala Malls Circuit Makati Activity Center which was sponsored by Smart Telecom
  • Basically Cignal ULtra have successfully made a revenge with a score of 3-1 Best of five
  • As for the rankings, SxC Imbalance takes the 4th place, Finese Solid for the 3rd, Bren Esports for the 2nd and finally Cignal Ultra as Champions
  • Cignal Ultra also took home a 25,000 usd granc price with additional 8,000 usd from crowdfunding
  • wow pautang!
  • So again Congratulations to Cignal Ultra!

Nerf Irelia
  • Nerf Irelia! haha
  • One of the most player complaints and meme in League of Legends might be coming true!
  • As the recent PBE update introduced changes to the champion irelia
  • Note that this changes are still in PBE and might change in the future
  • So here are the changes
  • first they removed the passive bonus damage to shields basically no more champions that can counter shields
  • Then they nerf her Q’s double damage to minions which they replaced with minimal flat bonus damage
  • Then finally they removed her ultimates ability to disarm enemies, basically it now just deals and slows the target
  • With this much of nerf in our honest opinion we don't think this will come out as the final build for her
  • however what do you think? is this enough for the Nerf Irelia meme? let us know in the comments!

  • First launched in Thailand the PUBG Lite version is now reportedly coming to Philippines
  • Need evidence? well on PUBG lite’s official facebook the post was literally in Tagalog
  • Here is what they said
  • “Lubhang namangha kami sa interes ng mga Pilipino sa PUBG LITE. Nais naming magpasalamat sa inyong lahat. Inaasahin naming na marami kayong mga tanong tungkol sa PUBG LITE. Ang BETA TEST nito ay limitado lamang sa Thailand at walang kaming maibabahaging dagdag na impormasyon sa kasalukuyan.”
  • So this basically confirms it will come out next in the Philippines
  • So what is PUBG Lite?
  • Basically its a tone down version of PUBG meant for low spec PC, here is the minimum requirements if you are interested
  • Core i3 cpu with 2.4ghz
  • 4gb of ram and hdd
  • and even an Intel HD graphics 4000
  • Note that the beta test is only for Thailand for now so will have to wait and see for an official update

The Division 2 Beta
  • Ubisoft announced that the private beta schedule for the Division 2
  • It will begin from Feb 7 until 10
  • Do note that in order to access the beta you must pre order the game and that there will be limited slots
  • so no guarantee even if you buy
  • to those who don't know The Division 2 is a 3rd person looter shooter set in washington DC, six months after the events of the 1st game
  • Additionally the first alpha test of the game received positive reception from its players citing that the game is going on the right direction
  • and that the game is more fluid than ever
  • So if you are interested the game is set to be released this March for PC, Xbox one and PS4

Dragon Ball Z Game

  • Bandai Namco announced that they are making a new Dragon Ball Z game
  • The will be an action rpg and currently called Dragon Ball Game Project Z
  • in a teaser its shown a scene where Goku takes Gohan to Kame House
  • sadly that's it
  • So far there aren't many details however this isn't the first time made an rpg like Dragon Ball as they previously released the Xenoverse franchise
  • which is more like an instanced MMORPG
  • Additionally it's confirmed that the warrior from universe 11 is joining Dragon Ball Fighter Z in the upcoming DLC as well as the announcement of a Xenoverse 2 Deluxe edition

Black Ops Blackout Free Trial
  • Quick update for Battle Royale fans
  • Black ops 4’s battle royale mode “Black Out” will have a free trial this week
  • actually it already started, the free trial have started this Jan 17 and will end on the 24th
  • The trial however does not include the full game so you be able to play the zombies or multiplayer mode
  • The trial will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One
  • Note for pc users that you will need a Battlenet app and account to download

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