Basic Skills That Every Cf Player Should Know


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Nov 4, 2018
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hese are basic skills that people should know, knowing these will help you in game.

1) Burst Fire (Tap Fire)- This is where you tap your mouse so that your gun only fires 1-3 shots. This helps alot when your trying to hit somebody far away.

2) Aiming Head Level - Instead of putting your crosshair where another persons body is, try getting used to putting it about head level, that way when u come across an enemy you can burst fire and take off his head. This helps alot if your camping and 2+ guys come out of a door your watching.

3) Look & Listen! - (if you learn this then noobs will think your chamming/walling) Look for signs of your enemy, if you see bullet holes, a nades black spot on the floor, smoke, or even a bullets tracer will help alot. Mix that with listening to footsteps, grunts, breath, bullets, gunshots and you can track your enemy down easily. Learn the different sounds that the different floors make. Metal, sand, wood, stone, etc.

4) Walk - If you hear or see and signs of your enemy and you don't think they know your coming, then walk, they won't hear you and you can surprise them with a few bullets up the a__. This also helps if your the last one alive and there's still a few other people on the other team.

5) Don't get cooky - Just because your doing really good doesn't mean you should let up a little. If you ease up and you start to do bad, you might not be able to get back into your groove. If somebody is afk don't knife them, just shoot them quick and finish it, you never know when they might come back or if there's another enemy nearby, or if your teammate killsteals you u.

6) Use common sense - This is probably the most important thing to learn. If your trying to find the 1 last person and your walking in circles, then turn around and go back the way you came, maybe he/she is walking the same direction but on the other side of the map. Check common hiding spots, you never know which hiding spot a camper will be in, so Check Them All. Try to think like the other person, if you were them where would u hide? Where would you rush? where would you retreat to?

7) Good Gamesmanship - Don't be an a__hole. If somebody kills you don't start crying out "hacks", "chammer", "noob". Just let it go and continue playing. If your winning by a lot, don't start gloating. If somebody accuses you of hacking, just tell them to report you and stop spamming the chat with accusations.

Now go out there and learn better. Hopefully some of the QQers out there look and read this and start using all of them.