Basic Terms for Mobile Legends


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May 11, 2015
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For Newbie players:
WP - WellPlayed
GG - GoodGame
GGWP - GoodGameWellPlayed
AFK - AwayFromKeyboard/Keypad, AutoFreeKill
CC - CrowdControl
SS - special skill, Super Skill
Ult - ultimate skill
KS - KillSteal, KillSecure
ADR/ADC - Attack Damage Range/Attack Damage Carry
AOE - AreaOfEffect
Noob - are the players who troll or just stupid.
Newbie - are the players that are new to the game.
Passive - Unique Ability/Talent of a hero.
KDA - KillDeathAssist
️CD/CDR - CoolDown/cooldown reduction
TT - TrashTalk
MMR - MatchMakingRate
AD -Attack Damage
AP - Ability Power
LS - LifeSteal
MS - Movement Speed
️FF/FH - FreeFire/FocusFire/FreeHit, Forfeit
SV - SpellVamp
AA - auto attack
OM - OnlyMid This strategy pours the concentration on mid lane, Usually done in the early game, To, Protect carries while farming,or cross farming, And to put a lot of pressure to the mid lane, Since it is in an early game, Enemy team carry cannot be as good.
AS - AttackSpeed
MD - Magic Damage
PD - Pure Damage
TP - Teleport/uwi
TH - TowerHug/TurretHug
DPS - DamagePerSecond
FPS - FramesPerSecond
XP - Experience
TD - TowerDefense, true damage
PP - PhysicalPenetration
MP - MagicalPenetration, ManaPoints
MR - MagicResistance
BD - burst damage
️BD/Backdoor - To attack the enemies towers and base without the cover of your creeps there.
️Brush/Bush - The large grass in Mobile legend which causes your hero to be hidden to people outside of the brush.
️Buff - Typically a temporary increase to some stat(s).
️Carry - A character who, if played properly, wins late game fights for a team. Typically these heroes are weak early game and require a lot of farming.
CC - crowd control. Moves that interfere with the other champions actions such as stun, fear, knockbacks/ups and blind.
CD - Cool down, the time between using abilities.
️Champion/Hero - The particular character that you as the summoner control.
DD - direct damage ability. Typically DDs are unavoidable: Clickability, click target, profit.
Disable - is a debuff that usually prevents some kind of action on the player. Stuns, silences are all examples of disables
DOT - Damage over time.
DPS - Damage per second. Also refers to characters who job it is to deal damage (As opposed to support and tanks)
️Executed - killed by a tower with no enemy hero or jungle monsters etc.
Farm - Farming involves the amassing of gold for player. This is usually best done by killing a lot of creeps and killing them very quickly. Certain Heroes like Lancelot, fanny, Saber and karina are great farmers.
Feed - A player who dies constantly feeds the other team (via the gold reward for killing someone). Being called a feeder is not a compliment. A player who is fed has a lot of kills.
Grass - see brush/bush.
Harass - to annoy the enemy with small bursts of non lethal damage, often forcing them to go heal or be set up for a gank.
️Humiliation - killed by a creep with no enemy hero receiving credit for it.
IAS - Increased Attack Speed
WR - Win Rate
Silence - A debuff which prevents any abilities being used by a champion (summoner spells excluded).
Skillshot - an ability that fires a projectile that can be dodged.
Snowball - an item that grows with kills, that can quickly become very dangerous unless kept in checked by death.
Stun - A debuff which prevents any action by a champion (summoner spells excluded).
Summoner - Your representation in the game. Essentially you are the puppet master of your selected Champion and you have your own summoner abilities along with the champion's abilities.
️Support - Characters who job it is to support other characters: Healers, buffers, etc.
Tank - Character with a lot of HP and likely armor/resistance. Whose job is to initiate battles with the enemy players/turrets as to draw damage onto himself.
Burst - To deal a lot of damage to an enemy, Unlike poke (Which is the same as harass.
Wkwkwkwkwk - Some indo laugh.
MM - Marksman
Adjust - Do a specific role which the team is lacking.
IGN - InGameName
RG - ranked game
PA - Physical Attack is the cumulative statistic constructed of the base attack stat and the added attack stat from items.
PD - Physical Damage is the result output of the Physical Attack multiplied or divided by the damage factor of an ability (before it's calculated with your penetration stat and the enemy's armor stat).
️Segway - a strategy which someone in your team pushes in another lane while enemies are busy clashing in other lanes.
OP - OverPowered
SP - SplitPush