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Aug 5, 2018
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It is important to make sure that in every game you play, that there are two 2 supports. At level 1, the supports should buy 1 smoke, courier, sentry ward and observer ward

The player who buys courier needs to make sure he has upgraded it once he accumulates the needed gold for it, instead of spending it on others items.

There is no need to pop smoke at the start, instead, do a 5 man at level 1 and walk together and find enemy heroes that are wondering by themselves since their team would not have warded that early in the game (before the actual start when creeps are out).

If your team is getting items very quickly, then the smoke should be used for ganking mid lane at level 3.

When you are mid - level 3 or level 5, smoke gank before the 5-minute mark. The warder on your team should have enough gold and be ready to place a second ward when the first one expires on the 6-minute mark.

If the enemy picked Ursa, don’t worry about it. Focus on banning the support player from the enemy team. You and your team should come up with 3 or 4 potential support picks and ban them out, this will in turn, make Ursa suffer.

I found out that in many teams, the aim of their drafts is to win the draft phase, but for me it’s to understand my teammates and my most importantly the hero of my teammate who lanes with me and draft the best hero for my teammate. Picking and laning with a hero you are confident in is more important to your game than the draft.

The timing of whose skill should engage first is very important. For example you are in team 1 and opponent mid is Puck maybe he plays 3rd skill but is ok, Bara (Spirit Breaker) is waiting at the level 1 neutral creep camp, ready to charge and tusk is walking from big dragon (Ancients) - once the tusk reaches the top river which leads to mid and bara starts his charge. Whilst bara is charging and going reach his target in 3 seconds, Gyrocopter can stun and tusk, once in position, can go and hit after bara’s charge. Perhaps Puck will use his 3rd skill to avoid and that time tusk will skill it block him to go back and bara and tusk can hit, and after 1sec the helicopter stun is reached and the three players can hit together to confirm 99% 1st blood – there is no chance of escape for puck.

If you are in team 1, place one observer ward on team 2’s top neutral camp to block their neutral camps 2nd observer ward either on bottom river or top river if u are trilane top then prefer top river don’t know how to say u also must think about where their trilane will be if their tri wil be top then top river ward better exp ~.~ but must block their nc but mostly i will Draft a 3vs3 fight with their trilane in 3v3. I suggest at least two ranged heroes if u are trilane bottom. A sentry ward would be needed to de-ward their ward to ensure sure mid hero is getting bottle and hardlane hero doesn’t get bottle. I found out that many teams’ hardlane play bottle crow (courier).

For me, if I hardlane I always make sure my level 1 item is 2 healing salves, 1 tango. Sometimes I get 2 salves and 2 tango’s and must get magic stick once I have the gold, and make sure I don’t go over river once the hero haven’t appeared at hardlane, because they might be waiting for you to cross the river and will gank you from behind.

In team 1 hardlane top you might pull their neutral camp to your creep. Cut a tree, then you can pull that camp hard so the creep flow will go to your position, but for me I always put 3v3 and make sure my 3v3 are owning their farms, there will be no chance to farm if trilane can’t even gank on their lane. Don’t waste your time staying there - smoke and go gank mid and make sure the way you walk gank must be correct. If u are in team 1 gank from top river to mid not from bottom river to mid, because they might see you in team 2. In addition to that, gank from top river to mid; supporter must make sure no matter how, to get observer ward first and then other items. I don’t care if you have a shoe or no shoe! Your job is to ward, your job is to ward, remember that. If you don’t buy wards, and get a stupid shoe instead you will be the reason your teammate gets ganked because no wards = no vision.

If there is a trilane vs hardlane and you are the trilane and opponent is hardlane suporter you can pull creep but make sure to stack it two times first and make sure the creep will not survive after you finish that two stack of neutral camp…why ? This is the job for a carry - the carry must know how to control creeps and make sure that the creeps don’t flow over to the opponent tower and let your opponent get experience. So, if you pull the neutral camp, and still have creeps which survived they will disturb the flow of the next creep wave. Make the creep go over the opponents tower, learn to control the creeps so if a carry doesn’t even know how to control creeps and just knows how to farm, that’s a failed carry.

Mid lane must win block first wave and control creeps – that is how to win mid lane. It doesn’t mean you win the last hit its WIN THE LANE! You must apply pressure until your enemy does not dare to walk in front to get a creep. So, that’s how to win mid lane. Learn how to hit opponent without creep hitting you back, make him go through the difficult route – he can lose some of his hp or skill to get last hit creep.

If the opponent has an invisible hero, make sure that you have placed a sentry before engaging them, and make sure that your team has mekansm, offering, pipe, assault. Whoever has the gold can buy those items. The carry doesn’t need to help out with mekansm, but can help out offering, pipe or assault. The offlanner can help out by buying mekansm, offering pipe, assault. Suporter can help with mekansm. The Pipe, offering and assault are not needed for supporter because he is not a main attacker, he’s a warder. The supporter should focus on his sentry and observer wards, the other supporter should focus on helping out with mekansm, pipe, offering, so he does not easily die.

A lot of players dislike getting magic stick on captains mode for some reason. I always get it before I have a shoe. In team fights make sure you are able to fight, only open war, if you can’t or some of your teammates skills are on cooldown, then play defensive mode a and don’t always walk up to a blink spot, you will dead in a few seconds, especially the supporter, that’s why I am saying that you need to make sure, before the ward is gone it is of vital importance to plant a new one, then you don’t need to face this kind of risk as a team.

Communicate well with each other, when your lane hero is gone, for example top supporter is gone, tell your midlaner to care. If the mid hero is gone and you saw him going bottom or going top tell your top and bottom to care, play safe don’t open war or over river or go into a blind spot if toplaner is gone. If mid creeps are over the river side, mid hero should not go over river, go neutral camp to farm. If your opponent is playing bottom trilane and bottom is missing, mid hero should not go over river, hide in a blind spot or go group with bottom team mate and go find them, but when you walk as a group to bottom team mate, don’t go from river, go from second tower to bottom since the mid lane is the most ganked place in the game. The mid hero must have map alert and play safe. Don’t take any risk once someone is missing, mostly I would put a ward for mid to avoid get ganked.

If you are team 1 and your trilane is bottom I usually put a ward on bottom which can see the rune and can see bottom hero coming to neutral camps. 1 ward I put on top big dragon (Ancients) side, which can see top rune and can see who is missing and trying to gank mid. At times, is not necessary to ward top, because hardlaner’s job is to make sure he is not dying – that’s all. They are not expected to farm a lot or take levels. As long as he is not dying, mid and trilane will farm well, once they farm they will be able to fight, and at that time, hardlane can try to teleport to help get exp, or stay laning to get items and exp.

Every teammate should tell the captain, whether or not their skills are on cooldown. Don’t wait for the captain to ask everyone, it time consuming. Even if one of your teams heroes has little mana, no hp or no tp, it would result in a loss in a teamfight, hich would significantly impact on your game.

Make sure to draft a line up which comes out with a ‘catcher’. Catcher means the person who will be responsible for chasing after fleeing enemies, and will be the first one to engage in a teamfight. Heroes such as Bat Rider, Puck, Dragon Knight with lothar. Every hero can be a catcher once the timing is there. In early game the supporter is a catcher who opens the fight. Good options include shadow demon, crystal maiden, ogre magi, vengeful spirit, tidehunter.

Being a Catcher is a very danger job if you don’t have bkb (black king bar). Your role is to catch the chosen hero and take him out. Shadow demon and crystal maiden are both soft heroes, but if you have bkb like dk with shadow blade/lothars and stun, someone with BKB can initiate the clash. Don't back. If you have a Bat rider, use his ultimate and catch one. Pull the enemy hero to your teammates fast and kill them before their allies come to help.

The Captain needs to know whose skills should go on who during the fight. Necronomicon is an item which is good in clashes. Mostly, you should be asking Puck, Furion, or even a supporter which has gold to buy it. Scythe of vise is also a good item to buy. Necronomicon is really good item in team fights. Necro is good in gank or catch and Scythe is for exp.

Necro level 1 is very disturbing in a clash. If two players are getting necro, imagine the team fight! The heroes such as Puck, Furion and Weaver have the job of aiming the person who is behind, hiding (supporter). You could get your ranged to take down their supporter and the fight will be won once their carry doesn’t have a supporter to help him. No matter how fat the carry is, once their support dies, 1v5 them.

The same thing applies to your team – don’t open a fight and forget they can come from behind and down your supporter. Cover each other if and if you notice when you open in front, that there is someone behind you, aiming your supporter, fall back and help your teammate first because their job is to make you and the rest of the team safe.

Separate the team fight if they are taking the advantage from you in front, and if someone is aiming behind your mate, and your mate (the one being aimed by opponents) changed target to aim at that opponent and he left you in front, your team might lose 3 to 4 heroes just because you helped the one who was being aimed from behind. The enemy would just lose one hero and your team would suffer the loss of 3 to 4 heroes just to save the ally who is being aimed from behind.
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