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May 8, 2019
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Good day fellow priests! War of Emperium is just around the corner for SEA Server, and i’ve been getting messages from people asking for basic WoE equips and stuff. So i decided to make this guide for everyones’ perusal.

Disclaimer: this is my personal equipment and is soley based on my 2-year experience in China Server. Take everything with a grain of salt, cause what applies to our server may not apply in your server.

My Archbishop in China Server
MINDSET: Contrary to popular belief, a priests’ WoE Equips constantly CHANGE every episode. There’s no such thing as “end game equipment” cause basically, what applies to a certain episode MAY NOT apply for another episode (for the reasoning of TIERS and Skill Adjustments). Each episode has different “metas” and adjustments. So do not invest so much on end game equipment basing on the current CN Server meta as it may drain your zeny and focus. ONE EQUIPMENT PER EPISODE AT A TIME.

I will be talking mainly on episode 3.0 meta era equips. Will be updating this soon as your episode progresses to avoid confusion

-PS- In China Server, OVERALL DAMAGE REDUCTION and BALANCING was applied i think 3-4 months AFTER EPISODE 4.0 (3rd job introduction). So expect burst damages of AoEs to be off the roof. WELL UNLESS THEY APPLY IT ALREADY DURING YOUR WOE, then it’s gonna be another game play.
EPISODE 3.0 WoE Equips:
  • It is the episode (most frustrating on my part way back when i was just a high priest), where you will be torn between investing on your PvE and WoE equips.
  • Don’t rush things out. Focus mainly on having stable PvE equips and out-smarting your PvP/WoE equips. Well, unless you are well endowed player then you may max out both.
  • Way back in early 2018, after the release of WoE in China Server, we tried different defence stances on priest play.
  • Here’s a list of my items (also with budget friendly counterparts) way back in china server for WoE with their rationale of usage (Names based on SEA Server names)
    • OFF HAND: Static Shield w/ Marc Card [immune to freeze]
      • Most deadly damages when entering a choke point (second floor defense area mostly) are dealt by AoEs (Mateor Storm, Storm Gust, LoV). This provides elemental damage reduction and is great in enduring AoEs.
      • How about stone buckler? The tier effect will only be applied after Episode 4.0. (if my memory serves me right). We chose stone buckler AFTER episode 4.0 because of its size damage reduction as well as Max HP% effect on full tier
    • ARMOR: Water Armor (dunno the SEA translation) + Thara Card [demi human damage reduce 30%]
      • When you enter a choke point (enemy defense floor), most of them will spam Meteor Storm. You will need to at least half out the damage in order to survive that area, cause even a 4k MATK quipped High wiz can deal at least 50k++ damage per MS drop. Not only that, with this armor, you will be able to survive spammed Storm Gusts on that area. LoV’s damage on the other hand, isn’t that heavy compared to the previous 2 AoEs. Also, this armor is cost effective (it was priced at 600k per piece during our time)
      • How about Fire armor? It may be an option, cause it will greatly decrease the MS damage when entering the choke, but how about Storm Gust spammers? It’ll greatly deflect burst damage, thus rendering you ineffective. Although, you can outsmart which by taking Water Alloys if SG is your concern. I haven’t tried it though, but some of my guildmates did that.
      • How about Goibne? Do you wan’t to be a meat shield? It can greatly raise your HP, but at the end of the day, when an elemental AoE hits with a damage of 50k++ per tic, your large HP will just go to waste. Well for those who already invested on Goibne armor, i suggest you take Fire Alloys when entering the choke, though itll only give you just approximately 1 wave of entering the choke point as it has a long cooldown time.
      • How about Mateo’s Plate? It’s good that it has 50% stun resist, but you will still be receiving large damages inside the area (trust me, masakit ang choke point sa era na to). BTW, You will only need to outsmart that 28% stun proci of MS so that you won’t be stunned by MS. Mateos is an end game equipment cause it has great tiers towards episode 5 onwards (fear, stone resist etc), but for now you may want to keep it to your storage. Or as previously mentioned, if you have this on hand, just take Fire Alloy before entering the choke point and i think you’re good to go. (though downside, the long cooldown)
      • Thara Card? 30% Demi human damage reduction says it all.
      • How about Peco-peco Card? Large HPs are deemed null if you will still be receiving large amount of damages (compared to having damage reductions from Thara)
      • How about Argiope Card? It’s supposedly to be used after patching up of Episode 4.0 (3rd Job, Guillotine Cross job), as having 1 put and 1 stored will render their deadly skill of poison smoke ineffective.....UNTIL Episode 5.0 when they will nerf the shit out of that card, making it only 50% poison resist. That story will be for another episode thought. Elemental reductions might help, but only for increments of 2-3k damage reductions per hit of MS.
    • MANTUE: Staunch Cape or Survivors Manteu or Staunch Magic Cloack with either Raydric [neutral damage reduction 15%] or Muka Star Card [magic damage reduction 8%]
      • Staunch Cape + Staunch Boots Combo: Cheapest alternative. Have one or both enchanted Stun Resist (if your not going to use Mateos plate) or enchant it with Max HP% if your using mateos. The VCT (variable casting time) decreasing set effect will greatly help in hastening your magni cast, but NOT your sanctuary, safety wall, as they have has FCT (fixed cast time)
      • Survivors Manteu: BEST IMO. Refine it till +10 and pair it with Advanced Survival Staff which will give you a set effect of a total of 20% Physical Damage Reduction. Enchant it with either Stun resist or Max HP and slot it with Raydric or Muka Card and you’re good to go. If you’re well off, ideal is to have it final tier, retain the +10 refine so you’ll have the bonus 5% Max HP of the final tier item.
      • Staunch Magic Cloack (the final tier form of Staunch Magic Cape, i dunno what it’s called in SEA). Great for Episode 4,0 above because of it’s neutral and magic reductions when combined with High Fashion Sandals, but i opted to stick with my survivors set (currently), primarily because i wanted to keep my 20% physical damage reduction set intact, anddddd its hella expensive to have a +10 slotted item of this (approximately 60-70m in China Server). But if you do have a +10 slotted Staunch Magic Cloak + Raydric card, you’ll get 40-45% neutral damage reduction (not sure), though keep in mind that only a few set of damages are of neutral element, (some dps use converters). But for other classes, this is a must have manteu during woe.
    • SHOES: Staunch Boots or High Fashion Sandals (i prefer the latter) with Ferus Card [Max hp +10%]
      • Staunch Boots: Cheap alternative. As previously mentioned, set effect with staunch cape will help decrease varied casting time. Enchant it with stun or max hp%
      • High Fashion Sandals: Preferred. Gives magic damage reduction and hp. Coupled with staunch magic cloack, the set increases magic damage reduction as well.
    • ACCESSORIES: (2) Endurance Necklace or (1) Endurance Necklace + Matyr’s Leash (or if no budget, Earrings will do)
      • Endurance Necklace: Max HP 3% Effect with Vit per tier. Enchant it with Damage reduction of at least 5%. Though it is expensive to slot if your planning to put cards in it (ie., Ultraman Card, Wraith star {episode 4.0})
      • Matyr’s Leash: Scurry skill is a lifesaver in many tight situations during woe and enables you to respond to areas quickly. As well as it easier and cheaper to slot. Enchant it with Damage reduction of at least 5% as well
    • WEAPON: Advanced Survival Staff (preferred) over Croce with 2 Meta Ant Eggs (though the cards will change in the coming EPs)
      • Set effect with Survivors Manteu/Advanced Survivors Manteu as previously discussed
      • Max HP effect of 15%
      • Doesn’t have to be over refined (it won’t add up to the physical damage reduction set of Staunch Manteu)
      • Have a +10 Croce Staff? Don’t sell it out yet. When Weapon synthesis comes out, you will need it.
      • In logic, basically your OP Heals will be deemed useless inside a clash since you’re still a high priest. Wait out until you reach Archbishop (that’s why i’m saying this episode is so frustrating for supports lol). Your main focus DURING EPISODE 3.0 WOE is to Resurrect, spam Safety Walls/Pneuma, stack Magnus on choke points if on defence stance, and debuff. Healing may be done if on battle cooldown or if there’s no clash.
    • HEADGEAR: Feather Berret or Midgard Helm
      • Feather berret is a cheap alternative to have 10% demi human damage reduction, whereas for Midgard Helm must be refined to +5 to get that 10% reduction though it can provide Max hp + 1,000. Either way, you’ll be good
      • Slot it with Marduk Card (anti silence)
    • MID HG: Goblin Mask (30% Demi Human Damage Reduction) or Midgard Googles
    • LOW HG: Angry Snarl (5% Demi Human Damage Reduction the +1 per refine, and has VCT reduction as well) or Midgard Mask (if your vending machine is level 7)
      • Gives physical damage reduction of which is increased on each refine
      • Bundle with MDEF fairy will give both 5% magic and physical damage reduction.
      • if your guild’s vending machine isn’t maxed out yet, you can use the back ribbon gacha that give 8% magic damage reduction. Enchant it with Max HP% as well .
      • Give magical damage reduction of which is increased on each refine
      • Bundle with Midgard Backpack will give both 5% magic and physical damage reduction.
      • Enchant it with Max HP% as well.
  • Your main purpose when attacking is to resurrect guildmates on clash sites and buff them on regroup sites. Sucks for this episode, only single resurrection is deemed fit (there’s a rune for party resurrect but it has a fixed casting time so as deemed ineffective).
  • DOUBLE SIDED PORTAL: A one trick pony. It’s a rune activated skill at the lower left part of your rune. I think for your woe, the casting distance isn’t adjusted yet so you can play around with it.
  • When regrouping before the choke point, you’re supposed to enter at the last part of the group, as their war time depends on your survivability.
  • Autoskills: Resurrection ONLY. Remove buffs, bless, status recovery (clearance in sea?) as it will add delay during clash. Don’t even think about putting heal as it will also add delay. Let your guildmate die (or use pots) and just resurrect them since your heal will be too feeble to handle the damage. (again, a sucky episode for priests lol)
  • Cast Ruwatch before entering the clash site to reveal hidden enemies inside.
  • SPAM KE AT ALL COST (Luckily for you guys, KE’s cool down isn’t adjusted yet. In our server, they prolonged it already lol)
  • Eat your anti-fatal salads. Drink your alloys (if your not using elemental armors) WISELY. You may also drink “clearance potion” prior entering the choke point (its a color blue potion sold in the cat cafe which renders you immune to status abnormalities for i think 8 seconds if i can remember clearly)
  • These are just some things that you will be focusing when attacking, you will have to learn your gameplay though attacks by attending regular woes. You will get there in no time
  • You main purpose during defending is continuously buffing your teammates, spamming ruwatch, and casting debuff skills on enemies
  • Autoskills: Bless, Resurrection, Clearance. The rest of buffs you will have to press manually
  • When the enemy pushes through your choke point
    • Spam Decrease Agi (with rune activated) to slow down a bunch of enemies.
    • Spam Ruwatch on tight corners of the choke point, specifically on the side of portals as hiders tend to hide there.
    • Stack Pneuma (Light shield?) and Safety Wall on your ranged attackers to protect them.
    • If you’re a ME priest, your Magnus can greatly help flinch + delay movement and damage Lord Knights on Endure.
    • You may also would like to check the special rune effects of Lex Divina (+VCT or Max sp 2% drain when casted on enemy) and Clearance (remove 1 random buff when casted on enemy). This will depend on your gold badge.
  • You may also now spam Sanctuary on your teams areas for hp regen, still depending on the clash situation
  • If your team is pushed back until the emperium, and you start doing “emp hugs” to protect the emp, you may use SW to protect the emp from melee attacks. PNEUMA UNFORTUNATELY DOES NOT WORK TO BLOCK RANGED ATTACKS ON THE EMPERIUM. This stands true until today in China Server. You may also spam sanctuary to heal the emperium. You can now use your “healing items” during these situations then.
This, i suppose, make up the “Basic” WoE Guide for your episode. I will try my best to further update you once another update on WoE will be released in your server.

But for now, enjoy the War Of Emperium, as it is a vital component of your gameplay. it’s gonna be awesome, i assure ya’ll.
The comment box will be open down below if you have further queries and what not. I’ll try my best to answer them in the best of my knowledge. If there are errors found on this manuscript, feel free to correct them down below.

Shoutout to my guildmates in Umbrella (CN Server)!
Then again, till next update!

Heal on!
- Purky (Archbishop, Umbrella Guild, China Server)

Till next time!

credits to Chester John Rebojo