Battle of Kafra Reward


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May 21, 2019
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Dear adventurers,

We have scheduled server maintenance on May 15th, from 12:00PM to 6:00PM (GMT+7), to process a new update patch. During the maintenance, players will not be able to log into the game. After the maintenance, we will send 4x "Adventurer Coins", 4x "Hot Meal", and 4x "Lightning Chain" as compensation rewards. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The update is as follows:

1. "Battle of Kafra" is now available!

A. Event time: Every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM (GMT+7)

B. Event guide: At every Tuesday night 7:50 PM to 8:10 PM (GMT+7), adventurers can enter the dungeon through Prontera South Gate Guard NPC to challenge the Primeval Boss and protect Prontera. As the Primeval Boss's HP goes down, there will be "Demon Crystal" and "Guardian Medal" dropped as loots. When the Primeval Boss is defeated, it will drop a ”Costume·I, the Steward“ and a "Costume·I, the Maiden". The costume loot will not alternate to fit your character, it can be put on the Exchange and change costume's gender.

C. "Demon Crystal" is the "Battle of Kafra" exclusive reward, use it open up the shop. Adventurers can exchange Headwear "Katyusha Wrapping Lace", "Steward Top Hat", "Steward Briefcase", and "NEIKO".

Bug fix:

1. Fixed the icon issue in Guild Panel
2. Fixed the icon issue in Pet Labor Panel
3. "Light Fairy Card" will be available at King Poring


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May 12, 2019
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Some general tips for "Battle of Kafra" (aka dubbed as Kafra War if you'll search old guides/videos about it)
  • it is a weekly event, Tuesday, 8:00PM - 8:30PM (server time)
  • To enter/join, talk to the Prontera Guard NPCs at South Prontera
  • make sure to be on time for event (there's a time limit to enter, check the time they have in SEA)
  • this event drop new currency/token (Demon Crystal). You can use them to access "Battle of Kafra Shop" for exclusive items -- I'll make a separate post after this.
  • chain works on Demon Crystal looting, better have stamina.
  • inside, there are six Kafra that will give you quest. This quest give nice buffs. Your choice, but personally, I prefer to kill mobs instead of spending time to do the quest. (More kill, more loots)
  • there are mobs that reflect (better party up or have a priest)
  • there are also mobs that strip gears
  • AoE and multihit are nice skills for this event. Fast hit auto attacks do wonder too (like Meteor Storm, Hell Plant and ADL snipers).
  • at the "Climax" of the battle, a boss will appear at the middle (it looks like Atroce), go and help to kill it. Channel switch penalty applies to this boss.
  • by the end of the battle, Costume will be awarded randomly (just like the backpack in UFO event). You can sell these costumes in market.

- depends on your device or server performance, I highly suggest that you put settings on "low", to prevent crashes. You can also use the "camera trick" -- settings on low, attack all, then go camera mode to untick "other player view".

TLDR; this event is like UFO Invasion, just different reward and mob and a time limit to join.

Battle of Kafra rewards, This infographic is based from CN server some of this info might be change in other server.

1. Steward & Maiden Costume
  • Part : Costume
  • Deposit : Atk +6, Matk +6
  • Unlock : None

2. Katyusha Wrapping Lace
  • Part : Head
  • Effect : All Stat +1, Mdef +2%
  • Deposit : MaxHP +30
  • Unlock : Mdef +2

3. Steward Top Hat
  • Part : Head
  • Effect : All Stat +1, Def +2%
  • Deposit : MaxHP +30
  • Unlock : Def +2

4. Steward Briefcase
  • Part : Back
  • Effect : Atk +3%, Ignore Def +3%
  • Deposit : Atk +3. MaxHP +30
  • Unlock : Def +2, MaxHP +30

  • Part : Tail
  • Effect : Dex +3, Matk +2%
  • Deposit : Matk +3, MaxHP +30
  • Unlock : MDef +2, MaxHP +30


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May 21, 2019
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Ragnarok M Ragnarok M Battle of Kafra

The Kafra ladies are under attack! Please save them adventurers!

If the Primeval Boss wins, then we will never get to see our lovely Kafra Ladies!

If you adventurers defeated the Primeval Boss, then you will receive the Assistant Costume! A great reward right?

The adventurers who participate the Battle of Kafra event will receive "Demon King Crystal", use it to exchange assistant headwear ”Katyusha Wrapping Lace”, ”Steward Top Hat”, ”Steward Briefcase”, and ”NEIKO”

Tonight at 20:00 to 20:30, let's united at Prontera South Gate to protect the Prontera and save our lovely Kafra ladies!