Battle Realms will be available on Steam

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    Do you serve the Lotus, Wolf, Serpent or Dragon? Whatever it may be, get ready to once again control your favorite faction on the classic RTS game, Battle Realms, because the game will be available on Steam (Early Access) on November 25!

    On an Facebook post on Battle Realms 2, the developers announced that the game will be released on Steam as an Early Access and not a re-release of the game.
    Battle Realms will have a fully functional online multiplayer mode. Something the game didn't have for a long time!


    As it is not a re-release of the game, it will receive continuous updates and improvements as long as it is supported by fans.

    Battle Realms 2 was rumored to be in development, but the project was ultimately halted because of lack of funding. Supporting this Steam release might get the ball going and who knows, maybe Battle Realms 2 might see the light of day!


    As per the announcement, the Battle Realms page on Steam store is currently under being reviewed and will not be available for a while and will soon be up for the game!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Are you excited to play one of the most popular old game? Don't forget to check it out on Steam on November 25th!

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