Battle Royale for Brainiacs: Trivia Royale got 3M downloads in one month!

At first glance, the idea of a battle royale game is the standard landing into a big map, find weapons, gear and head out to eliminate fellow players right? What if I told you that there's a way to reinvent the game by using your knowledge in a lot of stuff and duke it out with 1000 players, that would be amazing right? If you think so, we have the game that does that and more.

Trivia Royale.jpg

Trivia Royale is a game made by Teatime Games which lets you battle out a trivia battle royale with 1000 players which you would be matched with someone, answer 5 questions and whoever wins gets to proceed in the next round. This head-to-head match continues until you are only left with a final enemy which will test your wisdom to see if you and your enemy deserves the royale.

I've played the game earlier to test out how fun it can be. It really is an interesting take to the BR concept. Speed is important as you gain points based on how you long you thought of your answer, the shorter the better.

But don't just go clicking an answer in the multiple choices without thinking things through, few mistakes will easily net you defeat if the answers you pick are wrong. Finally, if you are behind a few points, don't give up too quickly and answer the final question for DOUBLE points. That way, you can still catch up and win the round, I had a lot of experiences where this happened and it is satisfying when I clutched a round because of the final question.

It honestly is a pretty simple game with an interesting mechanic. We cannot discount how flashy and colorful the game is as well, although some may have concerns for epileptic people for the flashy lights, it has a vibrant atmosphere that allows you to keep an open mind while playing the game.

Well, with that formula for its gameplay, the game has garnered a big following with 3M in a matter of a month since its launch and an active player base that keeps the game running, it is no surprise that this game is here to stay to entertain us while we entertain our brain. Be wary that the main game is really a general knowledge type of trivia so it's really a big mesh of everything so do not feel bad if you don't know the answer. You'll get the royale soon enough.

Trivia Royale b.jpg

Like what they say, learning never stops and it seems like you can learn a lot of things with Trivia Royale. It deserves its praise for innovating the battle royale genre and creating something educational in the mobile games industry. But what are your thoughts regarding this game? Tell us in the comments below!