Battle Royale History


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Nov 4, 2018
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  • Battle Royale genre can be traced back as early as 1999 as novel which was adapted to a movie in the year 2000

  • Before the Hunger games movie was released in 2012 numerous games have already incorporated the “last man standing mode”.

  • Games like the original Counter Strike and the Unreal Tournament Series included this modes

  • The player count is smaller back then at around 10-14 players

  • In Early April 2012 Hunger game styled battle royale servers started showing up for the game Minecraft

  • There were hundreds of private servers in the following months

  • The mode was literally called Hunger Games which was later changed to Survival Games

  • The game mode is basically what PUBG is using right now, player gather resources scattered around the play area. Players will then eliminate until the last surviving player wins the match. Sounds familiar?

  • While later that April 2012 an Open world multiplayer survival mod DayZ for Arma 2 was released by Dean Hall as a personal project.

  • Players are dropped in a zombie filled post a apocalyptic world where they have to scavenge for supplies, weapons and gear while fighting other survivors

  • On August 2012 a DayZ tournament called Hunger GameZ was organized which featured Dayz Twitch Streamers

  • September 2012, DayZ: Battle Royale is announced on reddit by Brendan Green whom we all know as PlayerUnknown.

  • It pre entered the pre-alpha stages in the name DayZBR which is a mod to DayZ

  • Due to its popularity it was released as a Standalone in December 2013

  • On July 2013 Rust a DayZ inspired Arma 2 made by Garry’s Mod makers enters pre alpha testing

  • The game is a mixture of DayZ and minecraft, if you think about it this is the earliest inspiration of Fortnite

  • Then on March 2014 PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale mod for Arma 23 was released by Brendan Greene.

  • This was the basis for the current PUBG

  • January 2015 Daybreak Studios hires Brendan Green as a consultant for the game H1Z1 King of the Hill

  • This game suffered from technical problems at launch but still manage to sell millions of copies in the two months

  • On March 2017 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released in early access on Steam and for Windows

  • September 2017 a Battle Royal mode was released by Epic Games on their game Fortnite

  • December 20 2017 PUBG got a full release

  • 2018 and beyond several battle royal stand along games started to emerge and announced