Battlefield 1 Confirmed Maps

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    October will the release of one of the anticipated first person shooting game Battlefield 1, Historic World war 1 maps will be featured in the game for some classic actions also this includes classic Battlefield modes. Operations is one of the new addition which you can access several maps around the whole connected battle series.


    In the future more maps will be revealed, France and Italy are one of the confirmed maps so far, for more details on the maps you can check below.
    Confirmed Maps
    • Amiens -- a French city taken over by war between the British and Germans
    • The St. Quentin Scar -- the trench-filled battlefields of Northern France
    • Monte Grappa -- the Venetian Alps with cannon-equipped mountain forts that are fought over by the Austra Hungarian Empire and the Italian Army
    • Empire's Edge -- the Adriatic coast with battleships
    Confirmed Modes
    • Conquest -- a large-scale battle with up to 64 players fighting for objectives
    • Domination -- smaller locations with objectives and an on-foot combat focus
    • Operations -- a series of maps and rounds that are inter-connected by the matches' results

    source via gamespot

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