Battlefield 1 Season Pass

Battlefield 1 has announced a new promotion confirmed by DICE that everyone who will buy Battlefield 1 premium pass will automatically receive a free upgrade on the Deluxe shooters edition of the game. The content will have extra digital content plus the Red Baron Pack and the Lawrence of Arabia pack plus three new vehicle skins and more Battlepacks and many more things.

Battlefield 1 Deluxe edition items can only be unlocked once, so if you already bought it, this offer doesn't do anything for you. The deal expires on March 15.​

Here are links to the premium pass/Deluxe edition upgrade bundles:
In other Battlefield 1 news, the game's first paid expansion, They Shall Not Pass, is scheduled to come out in March. Last week, DICE revealed everything it comes with, including four maps, more weapons, a new mode, and more. There will be at least four expansions for Battlefield 1, all of which are included with the premium pass.