Battlefield Mobile is upgrading its graphics in its upcoming beta test

Battlefield Mobile will reportedly upgrade its graphics before entering its beta phase.


As the Battlefield Mobile is currently in its alpha stage, the game is only available on limited devices. Players who have participated in the test are all saying that the game still needs a lot of improvement.


But according to some leaks, the game seems to be receiving massive graphic enhancements. Images of the enhanced graphic of the game were shared on Twitter by a credible game news leaker named Sam.


The images show a very detailed world of the game. Most of the major gameplay features can be seen in the leaked images.


As Battlefield Mobile is still in its early stages of development, it's normal that there’s still a lot of room for improvements to be made in the game.

Good thing is, the developers are welcoming the reviews they’ve received and are working to make the game ready to be part of the top FPS titles in mobile.