Baxia - The New Over Powered Tank? - Advance Server Patch Note 1.4.32 Analysis

Guild of Guardians
Adjustments on Baxia based on Patch Note 1.4.32 Advance Server
  1. Baxia-Shield Unity: The duration of stunning adjusted from 0.75s/1.5s to 1s/2s.
  2. Shield of Spirit: Increased the width of this skill.
  3. Tortoise's Puissance: Now this Ultimate will deal damage to targets with 30% Slowing Effect. Lasts 0.5s.

It was explained that it is because of the following
  1. Anti HP Regen Capability
  2. Decent Amount of Damage Reduction
  3. First skill is similar with Johnson's Ult
  4. Very mobile tank
  5. Good in roaming and switching lanes
  6. Fast to back-up when ally is ambushed
  7. Decent Amount of Damage
  8. Has a stun skill
  9. Can create huge map vision
  10. And counters most META heroes like Estes, Esmeralda and Thamuz

Let's discuss why Baxia might be overpowered when this is applied in the original server

1. Increased Stun Duration
It is good since Baxia needs to reposition when using his other two skills after hitting the enemy with Skill 1.

It is also not needed to jump to get this stun effect. Just bump into the enemy hero to stun it. That means even average-skill players can use Baxia well.

2. Increased AoE (Area of Effect)
This is for his skill 2. It is now easier to hit targets using this skill.

3. Added Slow Effect
His ultimate skill now gives slow effect. That means a target will be semi-trapped within the area of his ultimate skill.

As we see Grock and Khufra getting banned in draft picks, you might want to try other tank heroes. Baxia will really help you to rank up especially when this adjustment is applied in the original server

As of December 1, 2019, the Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide Official Facebook Page ranked Baxia as an S Tier Tank.