Bayani Fighting Game + Mobile Legends Patch 1.3.30 + Dota Patch 7.20 and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the Filipino made fighting game called Bayani, Mobile Legends Patch 1.3.30, Lost Saga PH OBT, Monster Hunter Movie Photos, Dota 2 Patch 7.20 Breakdown, Devil May Cry Anime, and Pascal Wager Annunciation


  • The new all Filipino made fighting game called Bayani will be released on early access in Q1 of 2019
  • To those who don't know Bayani is a 1v1 indie fighting game with characters and landmarks heavily based in the Philippines history
  • Before you get triggered through the games characters, levels and story line are familiar they don't depict depict historical events as the devs says it's more trivial in nature
  • and since its inspired in the Philippines you will see characters like Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, Luna and more
  • The game is also developed by Ranida Games, known from their games like PBA Slam, Kalye Crush and more
  • the dev studio is also partnered with 2D Creatives and Slapshock!
  • So if you are interested the game will be available on PC while the mobile and even a console release will follow
  • Another thing to note is if you want to support the devs you can donate to their website bayani dot ph
  • ctually pwede din daw kahit pakape or pizza!

Devil May Cry Anime

  • A new Devil May Cry animated series is in the works
  • The series will be developed by the Castlevania executive Adi Shankar which was widely praised on its run on Netflix
  • it's also revealed that Devil May Cry series will join Castlevania in what they call a bootleg multiverse
  • To those who don't know this won't be the first DMC anime as an animated series was first released last June 2007 which was produced by the anime studio Madhouse
  • with the plot series set sometime between Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4
  • Right now it's still unknown if the new DMC anime will be released on Netflix as Shankar already received offers from other streaming platforms
  • There is also no mention of the story or if characters like Nero, Vergil, Trish, Lady or Lucia would appear in this new adaptation

Mobile Legends Patch 1.3.30
  • Mobile Legends also released patch 1.3.3 so here's a quick summary
  • The game will introduce a new Mastery Code where you can complete quests and earn twilight coins
  • The twilight coins can then be used to buy Sacred Statues to replace turrets in the match, you can choose scared statues of Tigreal, Pharsa or Lesley
  • Mobile Legends also added a practice mode where you can practice purchased heroes as well as weekly free heroes from trial card
  • This mode will feature an upgrade and add gold functions to skip early the early game where you can also respawn creeps with different difficulties
  • Also all heroes will be free to access in Practice Mode on Nov 20 up to Dec 4
  • The Frenzy mode will also be coming back though it will only be for a limited time during thanksgiving there will also be Turkey that you can hunt that carries tons of gold
  • Slaying the Lord will also drop an item that allows the hero to summon it once again
  • Mobile legends will also be introducing a new interactive expression called Battle Emotes
  • Then finally battle spells are adjusted as Execute now deals additional true damage equal to 10% of the enemies lost HP which also ignores any shield field
  • The jungle players with Jungling equipment and retribution will now receive 40% less damage against creeps
  • Those are Mobile Legends 1.3.30 update what do you think!

Lost Saga OBT
  • On November 28 10am, Lost Saga PH will begin its open beta testing
  • The event will also include promos and free ecoins!
  • If you manage to log in for 7 days during the OBT period you will earn 160 Ecoins more to your prize for a total of 300 Ecoins!
  • To those who don't know or remember
  • Lost Saga is a multiplayer online fighting game developed by I.O Entertainment
  • it's basically a part fighter part brawler type of game with over 60 unique heroes that you can mix match to suit your playstyle
  • Lost Saga also feature games modes like death match, radis, factions war, adventures and more

Monster Hunter Movie Photos

  • IGN unveiled a new image for the upcoming Monster Hunter Movie
  • and finally it's now looking more Monster Hunter compared with the previous photos they have shown
  • According to Capcom
  • the film "tells the story of two heroes who come from different worlds to defeat a shared danger, the powerful, deadly and magnificent monsters that inhabit the land."
  • basically an isekai
  • So if you are excited the Monster Hunter movie as its planned to be released on 2020
  • so matagal tagal pa

Pascal Wager Annunciation

  • A new bloodborne like game called Pascal Wagers Annunciation is coming to Android
  • The Pascal’s Wager takes place in a world where the sun has sunk into the sea, never to rise again
  • and the evaporation of the sea has caused the earth to be blanketed in eternal darkness
  • The game features a Victorian aesthetic, beautiful yet dark atmospheric environment
  • the gameplay will rely on dodging and parry counter attack with a stamina bar crucial for survival
  • so very much like Bloodborne
  • ts not mentioned if the game will receive an iOS version
  • If you are interested in the game, you can pre-register now for the upcoming Beta test on their official website

Dota 2 Patch 7.20 Breakdown

  • Dota 2 Patch 7.20 has been released and here is our quick run down for the general changes to keep you up to speed!
  • First is the Deny Mechanics, Denies no longer give the denier 25% XP instead Creep denies now give the denier 20% of the gold bounty
  • then for Teleporting they now added a new dedicated inventory slot to hold Town Portal Scrolls
  • while the Boots of Travel No longer shares cooldown with Town Portal Scrolls
  • The Town Portal Scroll, Can now be canceled and prevented by Root
  • The Stacked Neutral creeps now give the stacker 35% of the bounty instead of 25% while Non-Ancient Neutrals now provide 5% more gold bounty
  • In the Hero Selection the daily bonus hero concept has been removed and the random once again picks from the entire hero pool, but will ignore your 25 least played heroes
  • lso note that random can now only be used for the first two hero picks on your team
  • The games armor formula has been updated
  • In the Hero Kill Bounty XP, Killing Sprees now give an XP bonus ranging from 200 to 1250
  • they also reworked and simplified XP hero kill bounty system where it no longer includes a team XP component
  • Patch 7.20 also reworked Mana and HP regen from attributes where they are no longer multipliers of your regeneration values
  • Cleave abilities damage values have been rescaled
  • The cleave damage is now normal physical damage type, causing it to get reduced by the armor of each unit impacted
  • Several Abilities like Curse of Avernus, Acid Spray, Bloodrage nad more no longer pierce Spell Immunity
  • while the Black King Bar’s recipe cost increased from 1375 to 1450
  • The towers no longer gain extra armor per nearby enemy hero.
  • So those are the gameplay updates take note that are item and hero changes so if you are interested let us know which here you want us to breakdown