Bayani is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

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Jul 25, 2018
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We are very happy to announce that BAYANI is finally out and available on Steam Early Access!
Get it now to enjoy a 25% discount until June 19, 2019!

Be one of the owners of the first Filipino made fighting game with characters and levels inspired from the Philippines rich history, culture and lore!

If you want to experience BAYANI

(Note: The demo version does not depict how the actual early access version plays, lots of changes was already been done in the game making the early access version super mega better.)


The demo is a very early version on the game; the early access version features more characters, game mode and stages!

So what’s INCLUDED in the early access discounted fee?
The early access comes with four playable characters, 3 game modes (versus, arcade, & training), 3 stages, & 8 original background music. All early access steam buyers are also entitled for all incoming updates, including 9-10 characters, story mode, game stages, costumes, and more background music at no additional cost once the game is full released.

When is the best time to get the game?
If you want to get the fun experience of playing the game even on its early stages, the best time to get the game is NOW. Discounts may come but it may be months in interval and as we add more features, discounts may be lower than the current launch discount. Likewise, aside from supporting the developers, you can also take part in making BAYANI even better. Development is ongoing and we’ll have more future content and features coming for you!

Want to know more about the game or do you have any suggestions or comments?

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Take part of history in the making! Get BAYANI NOW!


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