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Jul 25, 2018
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With the recent update to v1.2.0, Fernando is now a playable character. This is a huge milestone for us in the development team as (1) this means that we are exactly 2/3 done with the initial roster and (2) the Final Boss and Villain for the first story arc is here. We received a lot of question—and some complaints—as to why there is a character based of Magellan in a game titled “Bayani.”

The answer to that question is actually simple and straightforward, he is the Final Boss and Main Villain for this story arc which is why he is also a playable character as well. As we are doing a parallel of sorts of the Philippine History, it would make sense that the first boss represents the Spanish Colonial Rule. To celebrate this milestone, the game is currently on sale with 33% off until February 9, 2020 (PST).

Also available in the update is a new stage: Libingan ng Bayan which is Dre’s personal stage.

Grab a copy of BAYANI now and join us in this awesome game development journey! Get it now to enjoy a 33% discount until Feb 9, 2020!

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