Bayonetta, Fire Emblem Fates DLC Coming to Smash

Bayonetta is the new Super Smash Bro Character, The new DLC will be released tomorrow including FIre Emblem's Fate's Corrin for more details about them check the pictures below.

Via Twitter, you can expect both fighters to hit both Wii U and 3DS on the afternoon of Feb. 3. The update will come alongside the release of the next wave of Mii Fighter costumes which will include:
  • Geno (Super Mario RPG)
  • Chocobo Hat (Final Fantasy)
  • Bionic Armor
  • Takamaru (game unreleased in US)
  • Ashley (Wario Ware)
  • Gil (Tower of Druaga)
  • Tails and Knuckles (Sonic)
Bayonetta won inclusion in Smash Bros. as the top voted character world wide in Wii. Ballot (at least, the top-voted that Nintendo was able to secure the rights to).

source via gamespot

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