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Nov 4, 2018
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Here are all the black desert mobile general guides and tips compiled that i can find, if you want to contribute just post below

If you don’t have the patience or time for the item to be available, you can order in advance. A pre-paid service where kukunin ng market ang pera mo with the amount ng gusto mong ordering. Once the item is available, mas mataas ang chance na ikaw na unang mkakabili nun.

Worker tip: Faster level
Can’t wait for a rare worker? Level up your worker by giving them gifts. These items are labeled as “presents”

Skill Awakening Guide
each class has 3 skills available for awaken and starts at level 56 to 60. go to menu then feather icon.

you can do only 1 cycle quest per reset. when its blue, its acceptable to do the quest. remember what the korean sentence looks like coz the quests are random each reset but still the same tasks.

GOAL TIP: d mo alam ano gagawing next?
Tap those icons para makita mo anong bigay or bonus stats sa char mo pag na reach mo certain ups ng items mo.

Boss rush tip:
When you have the chance, mag boss rush ka.
Yellow circle = addiditonal stat pag ulit ulitin mo (knowledge na din)
Blue = bonus reward

Merong Auto-repeat at auto-climb to higher cp kaya wala kang rason mag lazy hehe.

Ways how to earn silver

1. Do ancientruins high level, higher rewards (best if its x200 event)
2. Do dungeon boss, higher difficulty, higher rewards(best if its x200 event)
3. Do landofbravery high level, higher rewards
4. Win pvp 10x a day 400k silver total
5. sell special loots/crafted items in merchant npc, can be refresh 5x a day using work points, see photo.
6. sell purple accessories, resources in auction market
7.sell golden egg/milk from harvesting livestocks
8.sell golden items obtain from loots, golden item obtain from world boss
9.enter tower with 5 different class level 45+ once per day.
10. farm in nightmare/pk map (lucky if you dont get killed)
11.grind... grind... grind...

for hardcore players, make 2 or more accounts, do step 1-11 and transfer silver from farm account to main account thru market auction.

Mainly ty kay Fevrier Anthony Torcino! BDM FREE ITEMS CODE >>> 31EK5Z762IX8 enter this in Menu>Social>Adventurers Fame>Enter code
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Nov 4, 2018
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Tips ni Louis Vernon Lapidario

I have played bdo sea and bdm calpheon server so try ko lang baka makatulong, some tips:

-understand the game as you go through, wag mag skip ng tutorials.
-always attend world boss(lvl40) and guild events.
-for pets if gagastos(optional), bili na agad malaki tulong nila lalo na during farming.
-for horse, tier1-4 better if fast growth(optional) ang skill para mabilis mag lvl10, and then breed hanggang umabot ng tier 5. And then change skill sa kung anung gsto mo.
-always upgrade your skills.
-for upgrading equips, you can choose to upgrade at 10%(super risky) and at 100%(super duper sure at safe haha) but i do mine at 70%
-dont go for purple accesories(in my opinion), you can go for blue and then upgrade to +5 or higher para sa effect or invest in gold/orange accesories.
-wag pabayaan ang camp na may tambay na workers. Do gathering, planting, crafting, and other camp activities.
-dont buy purple equips at the market makacraft mo sila later sa camp together with a bunch of stuff.
-always feed your black spirit kasi the higher the level the higher the stats.
-rent the best available relic.
-always check events section.
-be optimistic during farming and kay shakatu. Isipin na magbbgay ng gold-red items kahit never kapang binigyan and sobrang sakit ng umasa!
-do arena often para mahasa pvp skills and maganda rewards dun as you lvl up.
-greet friends regularly for social points may mabibili ka using those points.
-save tablets for later pag 2100 and above na cp dun mo gamitin sa pinakamahirap na ruins for best rewards and for boss rush gamitin ang stamps basta kaya na, go lang!
-complete knowledge and collection kung kaya mo or may free time dagdag stats din kasi.
-always use black spirit mode pag mag exit ng game.
-wag i activate ang outlaw mode sa crowded maps or if mababa pa cp kasi plagi kalang madedeads. If kaya na or mataas cp go mo lang for the 5% additional drop and exp( i think).
-always check the marketplace if may gusto kang kunin na item minsan may nagbebenta ng combat plus and pets dun. Try also selling dun para makapera.
-save black pearls pwd magamit to buy 2nd pet.
-familiarize equipping and fusing crystals and lightstones.

- at pinaka importante!!
Enjoy the game mga sir, lods, pare, bossing jan. Ok lang mahuli or mababa ang cp for now tataas din yan.

Pasensya mahaba madaming time