Beauty in Death, a Jhin Basic Guide

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    While some of you are gearing up for this year's season of League of Legends, some are still wondering if they could finally make the final push and reach Gold this year. As someone who has shared the struggles of hard stuck Silver in a long while, it can be possible as long as you have the proper champion that fits your play style. It can also be rewarding if you have mastery regarding that champion because proper knowledge on how to deal with different kinds of situation can greatly benefit the chances of you winning or losing LP as you advance in the ladder. Let me help you a helping hand especially if you are a marksman. I finally escaped ELO Hell with a certain artistic champion and that is Jhin. I'll share what it takes to climb with Jhin.


    Before we dive deep right in, let's see what Jhin has to offer. He is a unique champion among the huge pool of champions in the Summoner's Rift. First, he is not affected by attack speed, making him problematic if you do not know how to one-up this con of his. Another negative is that he only has 4 bullets which may lead to be problematic against majority of the marksman who always know that they have unlimited attacks. However, whatever con you thought was the biggest here, the pros of using him outweighs it especially if you are an unorthodox type of player.

    Whisper is a Cannon

    If you think that only having four bullets is a hindrance then you have not looked well enough in Jhin's kit. Those 4 bullets deal a huge amount of damage and those damage are no joke to the ones who will receive it all, especially the fourth shot. Plan your attack wisely in order to utilize the effectiveness of Whisper. Give your fourth shot to a squishy enemy to scare them off or a low health minion to last hit them.


    Time your reloads well. Since you only have 4 bullets make sure that you back a little once you know you are running out of bullets. Because you will need 2.5 seconds to reload before shooting some more.

    Farm in the Hole, 4 Times!

    Dancing Grenade, your Q skill is your best bet for a farm. It will not only speed up the process of getting gold to become stronger as the game progresses, but you can use this skill to deal a huge amount of damage on the champion near on it. In my time as using Jhin to climb up, some enemy champions stick to close to their minion that they are the recipient of the deadly fourth bounce. Making them prey for me and my support.


    More than Just a Marksman

    If you think that Jhin is just basically a Marksman in your League games, you got it all wrong! Jhin's W is very useful for team fights and supporting your team in catching up against enemies that are escaping or repelling champions that are chasing you. Just make sure that you, your teammate, or your Lotus Trap get a hold of your enemy which marks them, enabling you to trap them easily.

    Little Wards

    Another thing that you might have overlooked is your E skill or third skill, Captive Audience. Besides the usefulness of the passive which makes your dead targets, a walking bomb, there is another factor that you need to see. These lotus flowers are amazing at making them work as wards. Putting your traps inside the bush in the river or some spots where junglers hide before their set their ganks would be a great way to blow off their plans and avoid being caught.

    R is more than a Sniper Shot

    Jhin players know the value of their Ultimate in the early to mid game, this will score off escaping enemies if they are not too wary about your sniping prowess. However, if you plan to expand your expertise on Jhin, his R could also work as a zoning mechanic. If you want your enemy to avoid regrouping or converging with their ally, all you need to do is pop the R and watch them scatter to avoid your sniping zone, that way your teammates can pick them off the straggler that they failed to join or the enemy group that has low health.


    Position and Motion

    As a marksman you know that Jhin needs proper positioning in order to avoid being ganked or ambushed in poor areas. Avoid being close to brushes, jungle and the river if you do not know the enemy jungler's or any enemies' position, you risk your self being killed and making the enemy become more stronger with their kill of yours.

    Movement is also important, but as Jhin, you are a beast to be reckoned with. Jhin is nicknamed as "The Fast" because Zeal items will always give him a spurt of movement when you critically strike enemies, this can help you escape or chase down enemies as Jhin. There are various videos on the Internet, showing off Jhin being "The Fast", do check them on your own liking.


    Support Synergy

    Coordinate with your support as Jhin because a proper support will always be detrimental in Jhin's snowball. Champions like Yuumi, Morgana, Lux, Blitzcrank, Malphite will always benefit Jhin. A special mention to Swain if you have a duo that can play him very well. His abilities include pulling in an immobilized champion closer to him. This benefits you playing as Jhin since you can immobilize an enemy with a marked W, let Swain pull it then CC the enemy more with Nevermore or vice versa where Swain uses Nevermore pulls in the enemy and then before the immobilization is done, use your W to CC them more. It's very efficient that my Swain duo helped me escaped Silver hell in League.


    For an unorthodox marksman, Jhin is strong, gamebreaking even if the player has mastered his game play. So here are some of the tips that you need to learn in order to perfect the virtuoso. Go out there and start making death more beautiful with Jhin.


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