Become A Lean, Mean, Fighting Meme at Fight of Animals - Solo Edition on Android/iOS

For those who are claiming the title of a true blue meme lord, here is your chance to finally prove in the ring with all the wacky and bizarre animal meme characters in Fighting of Animals - Solo Edition, a mobile version of the seemingly addictive and potential cult fighting game from Steam.

Fight of Animals was developed by the Digital Crafter who brings to us the controversial but nonetheless entertaining fighting game called Fight of the Gods that got banned from several countries because of its main content of making gods from different religions fight one another in a brawl. With Fight of Animals, however, they finally avoided being banned once again and at the same time manage to offer a game that brings too much fun in the most strange way.

Players can choose from several meme animal fighters including the all familiar Power Hook Dog and Mighty Fox which are all derived from the infamous meme of Right Hook Dog Muscle Fox that circulated on Twitter last year. The roster of fighter includes the Egg Dog, Muscle Beluga, Walking Cat, Crowrilla, and many more meme animals that have gone virals for the past years. For starters, you can only use Power Hook Dog but you can purchase other fighters and other in-game costumes to enjoy them all.

Graphic-wise the game is no Tekken or Soul Calibur but the quirky graphics are good enough for you to enjoy the game with all the odd and laughable attacks of your meme animals. The controls are definitely made to cater to everyone since it doesn't require you to memorize a complicated series of button combos. Every special move is done with only a single press of buttons with a Super that can be unleashed after filling the gauge of your power.

The game currently has 3 modes: the arcade mode that lets you fight all meme animals, challenge mode which is a mini-game that lets you fight the Fat Seal in a time attack mode, and see how fast can you beat it, and lastly, the training mode to practice your meme fighting skills.

Fight of Animals' only downside though is that the fighters are not unlockable via game progress but through in-app purchases which might are not for everyone who just wanted to have fun for free. However, there is a chance to unlock some of them although in the hard way via Poke which is done by playing on repeat the arcade mode from easy to difficult level.

Nonetheless, the game is free to download on Google Play so if you want to fight like a meme with cute and weird animals, then go check out Fight of Animals - Solo Edition and let us know your thoughts about it in the comment se