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    Since community quarantine is still active, many probably miss their Friday nights where they spend the evening in comedy bars laughing out loud until they drop. But now inside their home, they can join and even take the center stage in becoming a certified comedian in a virtual comedy bar inside Comedy Night; comedy simulation game straight to your mobile phones.


    Originally introduced as a PC game that becomes a cult classic afterward, Comedy Night takes in digital comedy bar where players can watch or perform with own avatars that they can cleverly design and customize its appearance and even animations: from a jock, hipster and even a rockstar, you can become anyone but be sure you got what it takes to make the live crowd roaring in laughter

    But entertainment here is not only limited to spitting out jokes and punchlines. There are special rooms here where you can sing for your audience (like your idol pop star) or join a rap battle competition for the gangsta lover in the duel room (same with the likes of Fliptop battles).


    You can even challenge another stand up comedians to decide who is the funniest performer of the night! Those who watch in this virtual comedy bar can vote whose among the players will stay or will be kicked out. To keep it more realistic audince can rowdy by heckling the performers or encourage them to keep them throwing funny lines.

    Besides bubbles and reactions that you can send off, the audience and performers can also use their mic to capture the true feel of being in comedian while being engaged to the crowd.

    So if you are getting bummed by MOBAs and Battle Royale and wanted to try something new that can make you catch your breath from laughing, download Comedy Night now on Google Play! Test your skills and prove to the world that you can be the next comedian!


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