Become The New Stealth Master In Bullet Echo Available Now On Android and iOS


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Jan 28, 2020
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From the team that brought one of the classic casual game Cut The Rope, ZeptoLab is now heading for a brand new horizon with their new mobile game Bullet Echo that brings a unique to your usual action-shooting game.

Bullet Echo is a hybrid shooting and stealth game done in a top-down perspective where players will try to eliminate each other in a map akin to a standard Battle Royale game. The catch, however, is you are all in pitch darkness and you will depend mostly on the sound of footsteps and guns to avoid or to engage in a firefight.

Your vision is also limited to the flashlight beam in front of you. Unlike other shooting games where you can dive down in the middle of gunfire, Bullet Hole requires more stealth to keep you surviving until you become the last man standing. What's interesting here is that the longer you survive, the loots and items you can pick up will also get better.

The game allows you to play one of the dozens of quirky heroes from cyber samurai to a Gatling gun-toting biker gangster available with each boasting of unique skills to help you survive the game. You can also upgrade them to boost their stats such as damage and health. Bullet Hole initially has 3 modes for you to choose from King of the Hill (Free For All), Team Death Match, and Battle Royale.

Random buffs like ammo and health packs are scattered all over the map so you need fast and silent if you want to get all of them. A total of 5 teams can go head-to-head in one map and strive to become the best to climb on the ranks.

Bullet Echo is completely free to play and you can unlock all heroes and some of the weapons if you have the patience to grind all the way in the game. But of course, if you want an early edge, the game also offers in-game items that you can purchase via real money. Bullet Hole is now available at Apple and Google Play for download.