BenQ Reveals Interactive and Immersive Display Solutions in Manila


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Sep 1, 2016
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BenQ, the global No.1 DLP brand, recently introduced new display solutions and accessories designed to cater to the education sector in the Philippines.

Implementing its latest breakthroughs in dustproof technology, BenQ has equipped its interactive classroom projectors with the ability to thrive in the most demanding environments while delivering unmatched image quality and performance. Features like sealed engines, anti-dust accumulation sensor, hall sensors, and dust filters prolong the life of our classroom projectors, ultimately saving schools the cost and headaches associated with cleaning, repairing, and preplacing dust-damaged AV equipment. Dust build-up is one of the leading causes of projector malfunction and failure.

Dust is the Enemy

Today’s classrooms are magnets for dirt and grime. Students and teachers carry it in with them from outdoors. Open windows and cooling systems allow in plant pollen, air pollution, and windblown dust. Even teaching tools like chalk and erasers can generate harmful dust. Eventually these particles and grains of dust make their way inside expensive and fragile technology, inhibiting performance, wearing down parts, and ultimately leading to device failure. Repairing and replacing such equipment can place a heavy financial burden on educational institutions.

Built to Excel in Tough Conditions

BenQ has developed the ultimate solution to provide reliable projection performance in harsh environments — BenQ Dustproof Projectors. This series of high-performance classroom projectors is perfectly suited to schools or any other institution where electronics are exposed to dirt and airborne particles. At BenQ, we know that most schools must work within a tight budget. Avoiding unforeseen expenses like replacing projection equipment can make a significant difference. BenQ Dustproof Projectors keep out the damaging dirt that can cause electronic components to overheat, moving parts to stick, and devices to break down, all of which lead to costly repairs and downtime.

Dustproof Design for Unmatched Durability and Performance

Each entry in BenQ’s Dustproof line of projectors integrates one or more groundbreaking features designed to keep out dust, enhance performance, and prolong their operational life. These dust defeating enhancements include sealed engines that fully protect the device’s color wheels, DLP chip, and light path components. Locking out harmful particles virtually eliminates the possibility of color wheel sensor failure, visible spotting on the image, and color decay. BenQ adds another dimension with the innovation of the anti-dust accumulation sensor. Concave wheels can collect dust on their sensors, blocking IR signals and causing flicker, abnormal colors, and shutdown. Our anti-dust accumulation sensor repels dust, significantly lengthening the life of the device.

BenQ’s Dustproof Projector line also includes models equipped to handle 7 times the dust deposits of other projectors without compromising performance. Hall sensors employ magnetic signals for timing that are unaffected by dust, allowing it to effectively distinguish colors for precise and uninterrupted projection. Products in our Dustproof Projector line also deploy advanced filtration technology that eliminates 90% of airborne particles. The filter timer adds peace of mind to the equation by reminding users of when to replace their filters.

BenQ has spent years perfecting projection technology to provide the best image quality and performance for every situation, from education and business to entertainment and leisure. Now we are taking our technology to the next level by innovating durable, long-lasting classroom projection products for the most demanding environments — BenQ Dustproof Projectors.

Models featuring BenQ Dustproof Projector technology include the DX807ST, DX808ST, MW826ST, MW855UST, MH856UST, and MW864UST.

BenQ also has MS527 and MS506 DLP Business Projectors as the cost-efficient projector with the exclusive BenQ SmartEco™ Technology, which maximizes power saving by delivering the best contrast and brightness performance using only as much light as required, making it perfect for schools and businesses that look to save on energy. Furthermore, the LampSave Mode dynamically adjusts the lamp power by content brightness to significantly extend project lamp life by 50% and reduces lamp replacement frequency by up to 50% to lower the replacement costs.

For collaboration and interactive learning, PointWrite Touch PT02 allows users to be involved and engaged in the BenQ Smart Classroom with its way of allowing multiple students contribute at once. Simply put, the interactive innovation and touch solutions lets teachers turn any space into an interactive whiteboard where students can simultaneously write with fingers or any objects. A world’s first, the BenQ Dual Screen feature delivers an immersive learning experience by connecting two seamlessly merged screens. Furthermore, it can be paired with optional PointWrite touch mobile to have fully scalable and diverse interactive solutions to future-proof learning spaces.

The new products will be available through official BenQ distributor Nanotec.