Best Mobile Game Released in 2021 So Far


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May 27, 2020
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Mobile games don’t get a lot of credit or attention, which is ironic because our mobile phone is the one thing we always have around; and will continue to have around for a long time. People often have skewed perspectives on mobile games, so we’re here to showcase a list of mobile games that are worth your time and effort.

The best part is, these games are recently released this year so you still have time to get into it and learn the ropes!


Platforms: iOS and Apple devices through Apple Arcade.

From the brains of the creators who gave us Final Fantasy, we have Fantasian. An RPG where players get to explore the world of Fantasian as a young amnesiac man in order to uncover the mystery behind who he is and his lost memories as well as the villain in the story.

The game offers mouse, keyboard and controller support for those who prefer them. Fantasian holds some similarities to the Final Fantasy series, so there are some familiar mechanics. A new Dimengeon system is introduced in Fantasian where enemies can be put aside to be fought later.

League of Legends: Wild Rift​

Platforms: App Store and Google Play Store

A highly anticipated MOBA from Riot Games sees League of Legends condensed into a mobile version for more people to enjoy. You and your team each control a champion in a fight against another team in a 5v5 map. The other team could be other players or AI-controlled.

As usual with MOBAs, characters will start off relatively weak and get levelled up or built along the course of the game. The objective is to take down the enemy’s towers and base completely. A game on mobile devices normally lasts up to 15 minutes as everything else is cut short compared to the PC version. Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty fun time.

Tears of Themis​

Platforms: App Store and Google Play Store

An interesting mix of the usual otome game with detective adventure elements, Tears of Themis comes from the creators of Genshin Impact, miHoYo. The game is presented in a visual novel format and card battle format where you progress through by winning debates as a lawyer. There’s also a gacha system implemented, but it is less harsh compared to Genshin’s.

You’ll captivate the hearts of four male leads with different personalities and backgrounds as you fight for justice and help solve some cases. It’s been a couple of months since its release and there are a lot of events held. A recent update even added more mechanics to the game so it won’t get stale anytime soon.

Dadish 2​

Platforms: App Store and Google Play Store

A dad and a radish, a dadish. Dadish 2 sees our favourite dadish on a journey to find his missing children after a random ‘Bring Your Kids To Work Day’ goes wrong. Dadish 2 is a platformer with about 50 levels for you to go through, but no worries. The journey will be filled with a lot of fun and jokes, you even get the chance to ride a talking hamburger.

It’s easier to experience Dadish 2 rather than explain it, so just download it and give it a go!

Super Fowlst 2​

Platforms: App Store and Google Play Store

Ever wanted to just be a big chicken and squash everyone? Well, Super Fowlst is back to satisfy your needs. Of course, everything is bigger and better but you’re the only chick that can stop them.

All sorts of demons are flying around and mechs are now available for you to beat everything up with. It’s a whole lot of explosive fun, and if you’ve played the previous versions then you should probably give this one a go as well. You won’t be disappointed!

Nova Island​

Platforms: App Store and Google Play Store

Nova Island is another 1v1 card battle game where you battle for territory across the board. Mix and match your cards to create your very own deck amongst the four types of cards. The visuals are bright and its pop of colours make the game more lively.

If you’re a competitive person, you can immediately jump into their competitive mode to battle against other players to be number one on the leaderboard. If that’s not your thing, you can join in on one of the many single-player challenges available as well.

Pokemon Unite​

Platforms: App Store and Google Play Store

It would be remiss if we didn’t add Pokemon Unite into the mix after it took everyone by storm. A recently released MOBA for mobile users, Pokemon Unite has been doing quite well since its release. Most of the people who gave it the stink eye are regretting it too.

Either way, a 5v5 battle with Pokemon as your champions does sound like fun, no? It’s a new concept to the Pokemon world, and they flourished it with their very own style and mechanics.

Final Words​

There you go, some of the best mobile games that were released in 2021 for you to try out. Although not all of them are free to play, you can always get some gaming gift cards or products from OffGamers here to settle all your issues.