Best Mobile MMORPGs To Play in 2022


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May 27, 2020
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Mobile MMORPGs seem to be gaining popularity amongst players, so you might be wondering, what mobile MMORPGs are currently worth your time and energy? Well, no worries, we’ll be listing out some of the best mobile MMORPGs for you to uncover right in the palm of your hand.

Let’s go!

Lineage 2 Revolution​

Lineage 2 Revolution is based on the same Lineage 2 MMORPG game, except it is adapted into a mobile version with some minor changes. Of course, the richness of the world and characters showcased in the Lineage 2 game is well-captured here in its mobile form.

As a game from NCSOFT, you might want to get some NCSOFT Coins from OffGamers here to help you progress and level up faster in the game. With a higher character level, you could explore more and take up higher-level quests and bosses. It’s a richer experience to be had.

Ragnarok Origin​

If you’re familiar with Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Origin is the mobile counterpart for that. Dive into a familiar world of monsters and powerful characters as you embark on an adventure through various empires, kingdoms and dungeons.

As with all MMORPGs, you get to join or build your very own community with people from all over the world. You’ll get to customize your character and your builds to suit your playstyle, with hundreds of weapons to try out as well. Your favourite Ragnarok MMORPG is simply condensed into mobile form with Ragnarok Origin.

EVE Echoes​

EVE Online itself is a rather interesting game to experience, and most people are not aware of its mobile version EVE Echoes. It is interesting to be able to play a game as huge as EVE from such a small device that could fit in your hands.

EVE Echoes is a mobile MMO space game that allows you to conquer the galaxy and build your own space complex. The recent update has even incorporated a 10v10 battle mode where you get to practice going to battle with premade ships so as to not harm your own. Go on, experience this space war for yourself!


One of the newer mobile MMORPGs for you to dive into, MIR4 offers a refreshing new world for you to explore. MIR4 allows crossplay between PC and mobile, so you get to play your game on multiple devices as you like. If you’re on the go, this game on mobile devices works well to distract you from boredom.

Get to master a trade and loot all the treasures you want with the game’s free looting system. One thing’s for sure, any path you take would lead you to grow within the game. Live and play as you like, according to your own preferences.

Albion Online​

Perhaps a title that most MMORPG fans are not strangers to on this list, Albion Online is a good base to start if you’re new to the mobile MMORPG scene. It is a medieval fantasy MMORPG, quite distinct from most on this list, so you’ll have a new experience to add.

Albion Online doesn’t have a class like most MMORPGs, instead, the weapon you choose to wield will determine your path and abilities. So, make sure to choose the weapon you’re most comfortable with as this will also affect your playstyle. You can gain more weapons and armour as you gain more fame, so no worries.

Blade and Soul 2​

A sequel to the previously released Blade and Soul, this MMORPG improves upon its predecessor whilst continuing its gripping lore and story. The Windwalk feature is improved upon and the skill combos are refined so everything flows smoothly together.

Get lost in the lore and an oriental world with interactive battle mechanics as you fight against enemies who change their patterns according to your attacks and playstyle. This proves to be an added challenge to the game which should make your experience more worthwhile.

Gran Saga​

If you would like a challenge, you can try out Gran Saga for a change. It is not recommended for beginners, that’s for sure. The story follows the Knights’ journey to save the kingdom from a dragon’s curse. Naturally, you are one of those Knights.

It does have a gacha element imbued into it, as you would have to pull the banner to get weapons but even if you don't put any money into it, you’ll have a great time. There are a ton of maps, features and characters for you to love. Its graphics are top-notch and could easily take your breath away.

Dragon Raja​

A global MMORPG hit with millions of players, Dragon Raja is a stunning fantasy to delve into. You can journey through different countries from Tokyo to Siberia as you follow the game’s storyline. Be whoever you want and live out your fantasy.

With that said, characters are completely customizable to your liking so you can tweak them to resemble you or create an entirely new persona. Plus, your character’s personality is also shaped by your choices in the game, making it somewhat more personal.

There you go, a list of some of the best mobile MMORPGs for you to play this year! Have fun exploring these new worlds and making new friends!