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Sep 19, 2018
Negros Occidental

My contract with PLDT Ultera (LTE 50gb at 10mbps) ends this upcoming November and I'd like to scope out better options if any.

My main issue is with my ps3 and ps vita, most of the time I can't login to PSN, I'd either have to use a hotspot (ps vita) to login and download or pray that unplugging router and my ps3 for more than 5 hours then plugging it back in would allow me to login. For PS4, Switch and 3DS, they're all fine.

I don't know if the issue is with PLDT (since I heard some people saying it is) or that it's a problem common to all providers here in the country.

I'm considering getting the globe go wifi at 1599 (500gb) at 10mbps or 1699 (600gb) at 15mbps but I'm not sure if getting that will fix the psn issue permanently.

What do you guys think? Any opinions and suggestions on the topic are welcome. :)

Joerg Richter

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Aug 9, 2020
Hi, I am interested too.

I play Worldofwarships, but on an EU Server. Since March this year I cant connect to the Server. In the last month I check many ISP, Globe, Smart, Filprdducts, PLDT ,Landline, LTE, Fiber, .. and I see, In the moment when the Package leave the Philippines over a PLDT Backbone to IX HKG, the Ping goes up 5 to 7 times, Many Packets are lost. So, no log in ...

Additional, all ISP, has a higher PING as PLDT, but all other Provider goes OVER PLDT... So, reduces PLDT the connection to get on this way more customer?

As evidence, a Provider pays for the Traffic between the Backbones, next was IX Hongkong, more traffic, more to pay for the provider. Less traffic, more Win and cash..... As long you stay on the Philippines, its fast, if you go out, this cost the ISP money and thats drops the win ....

Who has Internet wich is not going over PLDT?