Best Witcher 3 contracts PC 


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Aug 14, 2018
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With the recent release of Netflix's Witcher, the entire franchise is seeing an uptake in interest from the general public. From books to video games, sales of the beloved franchise is up again. And for those who're familiar with the games, you know why this is the case. The Witcher showcases an amazing fantasy world that is built up with intricate details, as well as the interweaving storylines that take place in this world. Now, the role of a witcher is basically that of a monster hunter. Take up contracts that usually has something related to a certain type of monster and get paid with each completed contract. Sometimes, it's pretty straightforward, and sometimes it gets a bit complicated. So, let's go back and check out some of the best Witcher contracts available in The Witcher 3 game!

Devil By The Well

One of the first contracts that you'll be able to access, Devil By The Well features your very first contact with a new category of a monster, Spectre. Imagine working out the puzzle to what happened around the area, only to be confronted by a wraith with a very distorted and disturbing face. The Noonwraith did put up a quite a bit of a fight, especially if you don't have your Spectre oil ready. The contract introduces you to the contract system, and how you will work on essentially most of your Witcher contracts. From visiting the site to looking for clues in the area, as well as following a trail to the perpetrator's lair. I remember freaking out after getting out of the meditation stance and was confronted with the Noonwraith.

Woodland Spirits

The Witcher games have always feature morally ambiguous choices when it comes to making a choice. There's no clear cut on which decision is the better one. And nothing simulates that better between the Witcher's oath of protecting both realms; the humans and the non-humans. A nearby forest guardian, known as a Leshen, has been part of the village's ancient ritual where it provides them with ways for their strongest to be great hunters and fighters. However, the youth of the village figured that the ancient ritual is barbaric and would want their fate to be in their own hands. This contract proved to be interesting as it consists of two parts of the consequences. One from the monster, and one from the aftermath in the village. Depending on what you do in this contract, the youth might end up killing the village elders who sought to renew their pact with the Leshen. Ultimately, you are reminded that you can't save everyone.

An Elusive Thief

An elusive thief features a doppler who's been stealing from the local population of Novigrad. First, you'll encounter its tracks of a big cat that changed into human tracks, which to be honest excited me. Another werewolf case, I thought. Turns out it's a doppler who can transform into anything or anyone it ones. And during one stage of the contract where you try to stop the doppler from running, it takes your form, and apparently your skills and power. Now, this would surprise anyone who isn't around, especially when you're supposed to confront an enemy who has similar sword skills as you, paired with the access to certain witcher signs. The fight is an interesting fight, as you get to fight yourself, and it could turn fatal if you're not careful. So, potion up and use your various other available signs. The quest can end in either or good or sour note. In the end, the doppler didn't hurt anyone, but it's up to you to call the final shot.


If you're familiar with the Witcher games, then you'll remember the only dragon that one can encounter is the one in Witcher 2. But, there were none until this particular contract surfaced. It was exciting to see a dragon in the new Witcher 3 graphics. Alas, as usual, the folk in this realm confuse other creatures as a dragon. And this time, it was a forktail. It's not to say that it was easy to bring it down, but the downer feeling of seeing that it's not a dragon kinda bums you out. Also, you have to lie to the villagers if you want to see the promised reward since you did promise to kill a dragon for them.

Minus the dragons, it's weird that this game does not feature vampires (aside from Blood and Wine of course). But oh look. A contract about how a bunch of drunkards are getting picked off one by one in the midnight streets of Oxenfurt, where their bodies are left in the gutter. So far, you've done a great deal of good detective work to figure out your monster perpetrators, or even humans sometimes. But how do you lure out a vampire, precisely a Katakan who's been on a murdering spree? You get our good ol' Witcher drunk of course. Yes, get Geralt drunk and walk the streets of Oxenfurt singing songs to lure the Katakan. The only downside about all this is when the Katakan actually appears, you need to fight it in your drunken state. So best be on the guard for those extra speed attacks.

Witcher 3 promises hours and hours of content with unique and detailed stories which will immerse into its world. Every playback of this game, I find something new. What was your favourite Witcher contract? Let us know!