Best Xbox Games of 2020 XBox One 


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May 27, 2020
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This year we saw the release of the much anticipated next-gen consoles, along with many amazing games to showcase their potential. In this article specifically, we’ll be exploring the games that you could play on the Xbox Series X/S consoles as well as some Xbox One games.

Before we get into it, we have to remind you to get some Xbox Live Gift Cards, as we guarantee that you will want to buy some of the games that are on this list. If not, then it would be a sad loss.

Right! As the year comes to an end, let’s take a look at some of the games that made this crazy year slightly worthwhile. Note that the games listed are in no particular order, they are all good games in their special way.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla​

An open-world Viking assassin game, where players could explore, have rap battles, and assassinate their enemies - sounds fun doesn’t it? Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of the few games launched at the same time as the next-gen consoles on November 10th. It happens to be one of the best games to showcase the capabilities of the Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Players will have the chance to navigate medieval England as a gender-fluid Eivor and build up their settlements. There will be assassinations, of course, but there are also diplomatic means of resolving conflict that players could explore.

The game runs at 4K 60 fps, which guarantees a smooth gameplay experience, not to mention lightning-quick loading times. You don’t have to wait to play this game, and it is guaranteed to give you a good time, so what are you waiting for? Experience the Viking life now!

Ori and The Will of The Wisps​

This game was released earlier this year, for the Xbox One before the release of the Xbox Series X/S consoles. Even so, it has received several enhancements for those who are looking to play it on next-gen consoles.

Ori and The Will of The Wisps is a sequel to the first game, Ori and The Blind Forest. Players will travel and fight as Ori, in another heart-wrenching story accompanied by beautiful visuals. Autosaving is finally available and new features such as a shards system and a Spirit Trials mode were added.

For those who are not familiar with the game, it is a Metroidvania platformer where the character can only proceed when certain features are unlocked. The game and its predecessor has gained critical acclaim for its emotional storytelling and stunning graphics. If you would like to go on an emotional ride, this game is the one for you.

Sea of Thieves​

A rare and unique game that is far and few in between, Sea of Thieves is essentially a massive pirate simulator. It is an action-adventure game where players get to become a pirate with their friends (or strangers) and explore an open world on the seas with a ship.

There’s surprisingly a lot to do as a pirate - players will get the chance to battle skeletons, hunt for treasure, sail through storms and rough weather as well as form alliances with other pirates on their journey.

Sea of Thieves is a unique game where players get to meet other players constantly and form alliances or make enemies with them. Although released in 2018, the game is available through the Xbox Game Pass and was optimized for the Xbox Series X/S. So if you have been dreaming of becoming your own Captain Jack Sparrow, this is the game for you. Don’t let your dreams be dreams!

Yakuza Like A Dragon​

Another game that was optimized for the release of the Xbox Series X/S - Yakuza Like A Dragon loads as smooth as butter when using the game’s ‘High Resolution’ display mode. This is a JRPG from the famous Yakuza series which was known for its mature themes and absurd shenanigans.

The game features a new character, a new turn-based combat system as well as more in-depth RPG elements. These are combined with a ridiculous game and a dark sense of humor to bring out a story of crime and corruption in a lighter way.

Although many veterans of the series are rather disappointed at the new combat system of the game, some feel as though it is a good change. Yakuza Like A Dragon is rather different when compared to the games before it but the Yakuza spirit is still there.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light​

Technically Destiny 2: Beyond Light is an expansion, but that is a technicality we are willing to overlook. This is because almost every expansion in the Destiny franchise has always overhauled its system and made some major changes that it resembles something different entirely.

Although this is the fifth expansion in the series, Bungie has mentioned that this is the beginning of a new era for the Destiny franchise as it made its way onto the next-gen consoles. Players will be heading to Europa to stop an enemy planning to use the power of Darkness for revenge.

This expansion comes with a new generation of powers, performance, and design. There are a lot of improvements made that makes it feel like a significantly cleaner, better game. New content was added in terms of missions, player gear, PvE locations, weapons, and even a raid. Experience outer space like a ninja in Destiny 2: Beyond Light!

Dirt 5​

As with every new console, a racing game is a must-have release. Dirt 5 is THAT racing game for the Xbox Series X/S consoles. This game is an offroading racing game, so you’ll get down and dirty - no shiny, clean cars here. It helps you let off steam without care because no matter how banged up your car gets, it’ll all be reverted in the end.

Other forms of racing included in the game would be ice racing, rally crossing, off-road buggies, and Stadium Super Trucks. To make it closer to reality, there are weather systems and seasons as well as events that take place in locations all around the world.

Lastly, there’s even a career mode if you want to take the game on a more serious note. Players will be pit against a rival driver and given a mentor to coach them. The mentor will advise on the player’s career as they race through multiple championships. Let off some steam and get to playing Dirt 5 now!

To Conclude​

Well, there you have it, some of the best games that can be found on Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One. Let us know what are your favorite releases down below. We hope you enjoyed it and have fun with whatever game of your choosing. The most important part about games is having fun after all!