BGPH - D-Player-Unknown#3074 - Banned due to malware


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Apr 5, 2022
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Abdallah Luy Salikala
Hi, I want to ask for your kind consideration to please unban me from the said Discord Server.
I have been infected with malware few months ago and my account kept spamming in all the servers that i was in.
I haven't noticed that i got banned from BGPH until recently when i came to play PUBG again.
I have proofs that my account was really infected and I was not personally trying to spam the server.
Please accept my Apologies for whatever troubles it might have caused your server.

Again I would like to ask for your consideration to unban me from the server, as it is too hassle to have multiple accounts just to join BGPH.

Malware Issue happened at about 4th of January 2022.
Discord username: D-Player-Unknown#3074

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


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